Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friends are Precious

Thanks you for the lovely response to yesterdays post. I am so very fortunate to be surrounded by so much love and your comments really did brighten my day and as a result it was so productive and just felt good!

You all  bring me such joy! 

I am out and about today preparing for my friend's wedding on Saturday, I am so excited.

Hope you all have a lovely day!


  1. Anonymous01 May, 2012

    Hi Nellie. Glad to hear you're doing well :)
    Cas x

  2. Hi Nellie, Haven't caught up for awhile. Sending big hugs your way and so glad you are looking after you.... and enjoying your new venture. XOX

  3. I'm glad you got through the day ok. Bloggers are such a great bunch. You take care my friend x

  4. Hi Nellie, thanks for stopping by my blog the other week and leaving a comment. I am just catching up on emails and thought I must stop by and thank you and return the compliment.

    Oh my gosh I read your post about Charlie and my heart felt for you. I am glad that you got through the day with supportive friends. I can relate to the "not wanting to get consumed by the process and desire". I wish you and your hubby only the best in ttc.

    Love the bridal shower you put on for your friend pip, stunning and gorgeous.


  5. Oh you're most welcome Nellie. I'm pleased the words of friends helped you through a tough day.
    Enjoy all the prep for your friend's wedding... there are few things more exciting than a wedding xo