Monday, May 28, 2012

Before and After - Dining Room Hutch

How was your weekend? Mine was lovely. I got to have lots of cuddles with my new niece Eden, She is so sweet 

Today I spent the morning getting the Event Styling Section of my website up and running and would love it if you could have a look and let me know what you think? 


Lately I have spent a lot of time planning and thinking of what I want for the future, for my business, my blog and me personally and I have decided on a few directions I want to take. As I go I will be sharing them with you and I would love to hear what you think as I do :-)

Firstly I thought I would start a regular guest posting series, a get to know you and what you do post. I want to start doing these on a fortnightly basis but you never know if I get a lot of interest, I may run them weekly ;-)

So please if you are interested in participating and promoting your blog send me an email to

I would love to feature all of my friends, old and new so please don't be shy. I promise I won't ask you hard questions and it will be fun :-)

The photos, above feature my dining hutch after I painted it white, I have a thing for white just in case you didn't realise

Now the before.........

What do you think? Original (timber) or after (white)? 

I love the after myself but what do you think?

Have a great week and please let me know if you would like to guest post for me on my blog, I'd love to hear from you. 


I couldn't finish without sharing a photo of my beautiful niece Eden, so sweet.


  1. Nellie! I don't know how I missed becoming a follower of your blog weeks ago when you joined mine! The hutch is looking so lovely, I have to say much, much nicer in white than timber! Your niece is also very gorgeous, cute little smile she has already!

  2. The hutch in white is the absolute clear winner it looks fantastic, the white also makes the tin back pop as well. Eden is adorable what a lovely photo xx

  3. White for sure. The hutch came up beautifully Nellie. Your niece is adorable. I am off you check out your event styling page.Deb

  4. White hutch looks fantastic and what a cutie your niece is! Your events section on your website sounds good - I think some more photos of events you've style would be a good idea too so people can see what you can do for them. Guest posts sound fun - is it just for bloggers with businesses or everyday bloggers too?

  5. Hello Nellie,

    the whole room looks divine - and you have made an old treasure come to life and recycled - I love that.

    have a great day

    x Loulou

  6. Eden looks gorgeous :-)

    I think the hutch looks better in white, it looked a little tired wooden, and like you I like white objects too. I had planned to paint our hutch in white for the home office but now I am thinking orange outer and white shelves. I knwo it probably sounds garish but it would fit with future plans for the home office.

    I checked out your web page and I like what you have written and done so far. I am a visual person so a few more photos of events you have styled whether at your place or others events you styled.

    Just an idea but maybe a few "references" or "words of thanks" sorry I can't quite express what I mean,from some of the people you have styled events for, like your friends wedding the other week.

    How exciting....would also be neat to maybe share with your readers some quick and easy tips for us joe public to try at home.

  7. Hi Nellie, Love the hutch painted white, it looks fantastic! Also had a good look around your site. I agree with Amanda, add some more photos if you can. Especially of weddings and any other big events you have organised. Basically, anything big that people would call in an event organiser for. Also, I had a big wedding out of Sydney and would have loved to have had help from someone local to find out where to hire marquees, generators etc from. Maybe plug on the site that you would be able to assist people in coordinating events if they live out of town etc Does that make sense? Best of luck with it all though! xx

  8. Hey sweety....the hutch definitely looks like you breathed new life into's amazing in white....checked out your design page and it's great....Eden is adorable and so cute how she looks like she's smiling...xo

  9. Definitely white Nellie! You have totally transformed that hutch and breathed fresh new life into it. I am a big fan of white too. The cleanliness and crispness of it... now if only I could completely redo my rather dark themed house... and win the lottery to do it, haha!
    And oh my, your little niece is the sweetest little babe... just beautiful! xo

  10. Anonymous29 May, 2012

    she is adorable nellie. and i do love the hutch in white. very nice. xo

  11. Love your hutch painted white Nellie, definately a successful make over!!

    Your new niece is lovely!

    Love your event styling web page, i hope it brings you lots of business!