Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My house, my favourite corner

I shared these photos on FB yesterday and thought I would share them here too because it really is my favourite corner in the house at the moment.

The bus roll canvas is a room divider/screen that we can pull out and use to block the entry into the living room when we have guests staying. One of the lounges is a sofa bed so this helps to convert the living room into another spare bedroom and gives our guests some privacy. 

When we first moved into this house we thought that we would build a wall and block this entry to the living room off permanently (there is a doorway on the other side of the room also from the kitchen that we use most often) but after living here for a while we changed our mind. It is nice to have it open, it allows more light through the house, creates a sense of space and helps the heating/cooling to flow through.  

The canvas screen is leaning against my bookshelf, the bookshelf is part of my home office, my really small home office nook that I created in the corner of our living room

You can just see in the above photo the carpet join for the living room and the edge of my bookshelf. Between the bookshelf and the kitchen wall we still have an opening of 880mm plenty of room to walk through but perfect to block off with the canvas room divider when needed. 

Our reverse cycle air conditioner is on the wall just above the mirror, the bookshelf height is perfect as it still allows the air to flow into the lounge room.

Most of the items I have on display are available to purchase through my online store. I try to display things that I sell throughout the house so people who visit can see them and I get to enjoy them until they are sold :-)

I am not sure if I will sell the tray with the glass dome though. I only ordered two of them and I love them so much, they are great quality and they will be so handy in summer when we entertain outside a lot. Maybe I need to get some more in.

I added the new lacquered 'Love' sign to my store yesterday. The colour is just perfect for my neutral display, just enough red to add some interest.

The 'Love' artwork is ready to hang or you can display it standing just like I have

Anna mentioned yesterday that  bit of green would be perfect, I think she is right. I am going to add a bit of greenery to my display by placing a little vase of greenery to the Fleur de Lys trainer. Just need to venture outside to get it. The frost this morning was so big I decided to wait for a while and let everything defrost.

Do you have a favourite spot in your house? 

Does yours change often? 

Mine does, sometimes all it takes is to move one thing and I can love it so much it becomes a new favourite, sometimes it can be the addition of new flowers or sometimes I move everything around and then move it all back again :-)



  1. What a nice spot, I can see why its a fav spot. Love the bus blind divider. My fav spot would be the dining room, it has a great view, gets morning and afternoon sun and just as a nice feel to it. But I have other little nooks that I like throughout the house. I can't wait until we can start on the renos as it will open up our living areas.

  2. Lovely spot :-) My fav spot at the moment is out on the verandah catching the lovely winter sunshine xx

  3. Hi Nellie
    Pop on over to RRC for details about an award from me to you!

  4. Hi Nellie

    My fave spot since we moved in is definitely the mantle as I can do so much with it.....yes please order in some more of the cane trays with glass domes as I'd love a couple of them......I have been looking for something like this for so long and just haven't been able to find anything until I just spotted yours...hope you're having a great day...xo

  5. Love the cane tray and glass dome, definitely get some more of those in! Gorgeous! Absolutely agree with Anna too, a pop of green would make that corner perfect. xx

  6. A gorgeous spot indeed Nellie. I know what you mean about changing your mind once you've lived somewhere for a while. I've heard it's best to live in a place for a year before making any major changes and this is so right in my experience. We have been in our place for almost 3 years and haven't done any of the changes we thought we would when we first moved in.
    I have favourite nooks too... and depending on the time of year or even the time of day, they change also xo

  7. Nice little spot. I can see why you like it so much.

  8. thats a great little nook nellie. I love the fleur de lis trainer!! will look great with some greenery!! hope you are having a lovely week!
    laura xxx

  9. How perfect, I love your display. It must be heaven having all those gorgeous things around you and lots of fun styling them. Great pictures.

  10. Your newest follower via Post Of The Month Club :) I can see why you love that corner - it is so cozy! Have a great day XOL

  11. What a pretty spot you've created there, Nellie. I am most impressed. Please do get in some more of those divine trays with the glass domes - I'll buy one! And the 'love' sign has me enchanted. Do you have any other colours besides red? Thanks so much for linking up with the POTMC. J x

  12. I love your special corner. You have a collection of gorgeous and lovely things. I bet it makes you smile!