Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Backyard

It's been a while since I took you on a tour of our backyard 

it is a beautiful day outside so I thought I'd wander through 

and take some carefully selected photos of our yard.

It is surprising how hard it is to take a nice photo of our yard at the moment. 

It is a mess. 

I may share the reality shot at the end.

 The chickens are not laying at the moment

 I am waiting on some new ones to arrive at the store but that has been weeks. 

The magpie hangs around pinching the dogs and the cats biscuits, clever thing ;-)

The seedlings my nephew planted are coming along nicely, he was so excited to see the growth when he was here last week. The sticks are my improvised markers. 

One of my office chairs :-)

Another favourite spot to work or just drink coffee and read my magazine, during my morning tea break of course ;-)

and now the reality  shots, 

the mess that really lurks in our yard. 

We have made a start on rendering the house so everything is moved out of the way. We just ran out of mixture (see top right), sand in driveway, truck full of rubbish waiting to go to the tip, fly screens still waiting to be replaced, seat over dirt where the dog loves to lie and keeps killing the grass. 

Oh dear, the work that still needs to be done.

Do you have messy/ugly spots at your place that you carefully edit out of your photos?



  1. Nellie even with your "editing" and sharing the not so glam all I see is a dream backyard.

    1) Pizza oven - been on my list for so long - almost had Mr G on the team too and then he baulked
    2) Lemons on your tree - beautiful
    3) veggies growing - whilst I have my herbs going well, I still have empty veggie beds
    4) And this is my #1 of why I love your backyard - you have chickies and that has been my absolute must have since I moved into Gorgie and I'm sadly still waiting
    5) I also have resident magpies that wait for my dog to leave his food there is often mad chasing around the verandah of dog V maggies
    6) your nephews seedlings - love it
    7) I spot an adirondack and have had these chairs on my wish list for ever - not sure how much seating one can truly have but I want me some of these
    8) benches in sunny spots

    Enjoy your coffee - thanks for sharing xx

  2. Love your back yard, we all have spots that are messy a bit like the spare room...ATM my yard has a few very messy spots..

  3. Hi Nellie

    I'm loving your backyard and Caz is right forget the mess it's a gorgeous spot all over....I'm yet to get to bunnings to get my winter veg but think I'll be heading over there tomorrow....really need to get started on it and I can't wait to get some chickens for the chook pen we have....just hope my crazy dog will leave them alone.....she stressed the last lot of chicken out so much they stopped laying and I had to rehouse them.....also she attacks if they're roaming free in the yard....damn dog....luckilyfor me I don't haveany messy spots in the yard as it was all done when we moved in but the house still has a few....just a couple more boxes to go...

  4. My whole back yard is just one big messy spot. We are actually working on it right now since we have been remodelling our house for the past year. This is the last part to be done inthe project..

  5. What a beautiful space Nellie, love your office chair! It's so nice to spend time outdoors on these gorgeous Autumn days. Our next big project is to do up the backyard, it really needs it too! Thank you for sharing your lovely yard xo

  6. Your backyard still looks great! Ours is very bare at the moment. Yes, I always edit put the two ugly bare slabs and the crappy shed. Not nice to look at.
    I wish my lemon tree looked like yours xx

  7. Our shearing shed looks awful in colour, so I use black and white, and then suddenly it looks rustic and artistic! I love black and white photos (you may have guessed).