Friday, May 4, 2012

Bathroom Bliss

I am sure I have mentioned once or twice how much I enjoy having a soak in the Bath to relax

I love all of the pretty and luxurious bath products, it is a really lovely way to pamper yourself and enjoy some time out.

I have a busy day today so I am looking forward to some time out later tonight.

How do you unwind?

Thanks for the feedback yesterday on my gift packs. I really appreciate it. At this stage my only advertising is on Face Book and on the Blog but I don't want to make this blog all about the store so I am trying to keep it balanced. I am looking into other advertising options but don't want to spend a fortune that I don't have to spend! Any suggestions?

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by, your comments really do make my day.



  1. I love to unwind with a bath, candles lit in the bathroom and listening to music. For me having a bath is a ritual.

    I also like to make my own natural bath products such as salts and essential oil blends and bath milks etc etc.

  2. Nellie I love a bath too, but for some reason I just don't factor in enough of them. I like to get some music on, have a glass of wine and sometimes I take in a magazine but trying to read it without getting it soaked well I haven't got that mastered yet!

  3. Hi Nellie

    Well I have always loved either a bubble bath or a bath with salts, candles going a glass of wine and some good music to listen to. I can get lost in there for quite some time however I haven't used the bath too much here as it's quite small.....the bath at the new house is quite low but very long so hopefully I get more baths there :)

    Oh and everyone is banned from knocking on the bathroom door unless the house is burning down when I do decide to unwind with a bath...xo

  4. Hi nellie, I love to unwind in the pool with a glass of champagne!!! listening to some great music! Obviously I cant do it in autumn and winter which makes me sad!!! still do the champagne and music though!!
    Just from reading your last post, i wanted to assure you that your packs are just gorgeous. But I know that people arent spending as much nowadays, its a really bad time.... I have certainly had to tighten the purse strings lately and only kind of get sucked into impulse buys rather than pre-meditated buys. I think also that as mothers day isnt so far away some people might be concerned that things might not arrive in time... Thats all I can think of gorgeous girl! I have made a cushion for my mum this year... she is a tricky one to buy for! She isnt into candles or anything pretty or ornamental! I am even doubtful about the pillow, but to be honest I only usually give her flowers!! I never make a big deal! But advertising is definently a biggie! and the market... If the majority of your blog readers are creative kind of people, they might be making things themselves. Single men would be the perfect ones to direct your Mothers day gift packs toward!!!
    hope it helps a bit... thinking of you! Laura xxxx

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