Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guest bloggers welcome!

Yesterday I mentioned that I would like to start a regular post for guest bloggers. To start with I will be asking everyone the same 10 questions so that we can all get to know you each other a little better :-)

Thank you to the wonderful ladies who have responded already and offered to be involved. That's great and I am so excited. 

You don't need to have your own business and it doesn't matter whether you have been blogging for years or you have only started, I would love to hear from you and have you participate.

If you are interested send me an email to nellie@mccarthydesigns.com.au

Thank you to everyone who had a look at my Event Styling section on my website. I really appreciate your feedback and your comments gave me a lot to think about.

Last night I spent many hours researching Wordpress and different options for hosting my blog and my store both on my own domain and at this stage I have decided to leave it all as it. I have added some pages to my blog and some new ones to the store that feature some photos of my work. I will be adding more as I go but having only just started my own business I am not sure that I will be able to find many of different events :-(

I am not thrilled with the options I have on my store to display photos but I will keep working on it. It is probably a case of the user not the website :-)


PS. I have a giveaway running on my Face book page, for more details visit here 


  1. I have been catching up on your blog, I love the newly painted white hutch, I too have a thing for painting every thing white..I love the idea of a guest blogger...Enjoy your week.

  2. Hi Nellie If you need some professional help making these blog platforms decisions, Katrina at The Media Maid is brilliant. I can highly recommend her. J x

  3. Robert Brost29 May, 2012


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  4. OOH I missed this i think

    Count me in for guest blogging, if you need a filler Nellie