Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome to the World Eden

Today's post is a very special one

Last night my niece was born

"Welcome to this world Eden

May you be blessed throughout your life and know the Lord's abundant love for you always

May you be a blessing to all who you meet in your life

and may you bring love and joy to those around you

I am looking forward to meeting you Eden

and I can't wait to give you lots of cuddles 

Love your Aunty Nellie xx"

None of these cuties are Eden but they are so gorgeous and I couldn't resist sharing them.

My friend Kiah is the owner of Stephens Photography, you can visit her blog here

or her face book page here

She has lots of lovely photos for you to admire, pop over and have a look I am sure they will make you smile.



  1. Congratulations on becoming an Aunty Nellie and pass on our love to your family and you beautiful little niece...xo

  2. Welcome to the world Eden. Congrats on becoming an Aunt Nellie. My sister in law and brother in law arrived for a week today and I have had lots of baby cuddles.

  3. Congratulations to your sister and brother in law what a lovely name.
    I also look forward to meeting Eden one day soon! xx

  4. Congratulations on becoming an Aunty Nellie:) Enjoy visiting your new baby niece and I hope you get lots and lots of cuddles. xx

  5. Oh congratulations Nellie! After becoming an aunty 18 times... yes 18 times... I can honestly say there is nothing quite like it. So very special. Welcome to the world little Eden... I can tell you are already so well loved xo

  6. Nellie congratulations on becoming an aunty , beautiful name as well xx