Friday, May 18, 2012

Janine's Mood Board

If you remember I mentioned that I had my first official interior styling consultation last week and a few of my lovely encouraging friends asked me to share the mood board.

So with Janine's permission here it is.

Janine has a fantastic open plan lounge, dining and kitchen area it is really big. I think half my house may fit into it and she was keen to hear my thoughts on how to modernise it and rearrange the areas to make the most of them and incorporate a coffee area. 

She also has some new prints for her walls on order and asked advice on where and how to hang it. I am a huge fan of gallery walls and grouping your photos together. Little photos can get lost in a big space and together they make an impact. A great idea is to use shelves to stand your photos and artwork on, this way you can change it around whenever you like easily without leaving lots of holes in walls.

If you are looking for some help with your house and you have a space that you need help with please visit my website here . I do offer online consulting if you don't live in beautiful Orange NSW Australia :-)

Online Styling
No matter where you are I can help you with your decorating dilemma. You provide me with photos of the room you want to work on and a basic floor plan. I will email you a detailed questionnaire for you to complete and return.
I will then work with you to provide you with the following:
One digital inspiration board for one room
One rendered floor plan for one room
One costed shopping list for one room (links to online stores included)
Additional rooms at $50 per room

Further details of each package are here.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Nick and I are enjoying a mini break away together. I am very much looking forward to hanging out with my wonderful Husband will fill you in (hopefully with photos as I always seem to forget to take any) on Monday.



  1. Great mood boards Nellie and I love the gallery photo idea.....Have fun on your mini break and talk soon...

  2. Awesome work Nellie, the start of something big!!!