Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vintage Finds

For Easter we had a family get together in Manilla NSW. Manilla is not very big and is surrounded by farms so the second hand store was full, really full of great stuff!

Unfortunately we couldn't bring it all home with us so I chose a couple of my favourites (being size limited and cash limited) and Nick chose a couple of his.

I have wanted on of these soda bottles for ages but could never find one and then when I started finding them they had obviously become very popular and the price (even at the local tip recycle centre) went up to match.

This one was still a bit on the high side but I haggled to $15 Nick thinks I should have gone lower but it was Easter, Happy Easter Shop Owner!

My Mason jar was also a little pricey at $15 but I loved the age lid and could see so many uses for it, I used it as a vase for Pip's bridal shower. 

Love Mason Jars :-)

The cameras are both for Nick, he used to be very into his photography and then we got married and then we bought a house and then he started his own business and the photography got left behind. Maybe when we finish renovating he will pick it back up again. 

In the mean time I get to have his expertise when needed and I get to use his nice camera. One day I may even learn to use it properly I also get to read all of his photography mags when I have a chance!

Wouldn't these look great displayed in our future home library or maybe his future study complete with a floor globe and big manly leather chairs?

Have you found any great vintage items lately?

Hope you are having a great week



  1. I have never seen a soda bottle, in fact our 2nd hand shops here are full of rubbish....I just driopped in on the way to work this morning...I love your finds, and yes the cameras in a home office would look great... Also good for when you do a party as part of a theme...
    Have a great day Mandy

  2. Nellie your glass bottles are gorgeous and funny you think $15 was a bit expensive I would have grabbed them so fast at that price you wouldn't have even seen my hand move ;-) Vintage bottles have been on my ever growing list for ever, but they are super expensive at the markets I get too. This weekend I did find a set a vintage flower making tools for $40 which I was pretty chuffed with as have been watching them for years on ebay but they always go for too high a price. Love the cameras as well, last year I found an old box brownie in a vintage shop in New York which i grabbed for my son.

  3. Oh dear I think I just need to turn my house into a second hand shop and be done with it!!!!! I still find lovely vintage things but there is not an inch of space to put them in so I just have to dream for a moment and there walk on by!!!!! Love the soda bottle and just might have found a small spot to put it had I seen it first!!!!!!!!

  4. What lovely treasures you have. Interesting about the prices. What we have discovered here in NZ is that op shopping prices have gone up since its trendy to shop there again. I find it a tad frustrating because I was op shopping long before it became trendy lol.....

  5. I am a fan of the mesh covered soda bottles, you can still buy the gas to make them work, you should see if your work. Ahhh cameras you are a girl after my own heart, I have some on display in my lounge cupboard. I agree with Jules, I want to turn my house into a shop, and just open the door each day and see who pops in, I would just have a little sticker on everything. Ha ha. This post has made me very edgy, too late to head off to day, will have to go for a browse to my local haunts tomorrow!

  6. Nellie you have just brought memories flooding through my grest grandmother had one of those box cameras and she always got it out when we went and visited her...I lovd that camera and thought it was so cool.....xo

  7. Gorgeous finds!!! Love, love the vintage cameras! x

  8. Nellie, i think i would have paid that for those treats too!! just trying to catch up on posts, i wanted to say that you are in my prayers for sure... thinking of your gorgeous little boy charliexx I havent personally had troubles getting pregnant or misscarrying, but some of my friends have. I have to say (and i have also read up on it) that after a strong course of antibiotics, they both got pregnant (thru ivf) after many miscarriages and a twin baby stillbirth. I read a few things about how bacteria can be in the cells that surround the embryo and cause a miscarraige. Maybe you could google it. sorry i dont have any more information than that... I am thinking of you for sure... lots of love xxx laura xxx