Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Packs

This week I have been adding a new 'one only' gift pack to my online store.

 Each gift pack has a combined value of around $50

I am selling them for $30

That is a saving of 40%

I have only sold one so far....

Deep breath.....

OK, I am now bracing myself for criticism 

but I really need to learn how to do this right...

What am I doing wrong? Is the pack not appealing? Is the photo bad? Do I need more detail?

Please don't be too harsh I would appreciate it if you pointed out my faults in a nice way :-)



  1. HI Nellie

    I honestly don't think you're doing anything 'wrong'. All the packs are lovely and well fact I think I'll be making a purchase on the side if you still have the pack with the notebook and pen.....I don't think it's you or the shop I really think people are just sucked in by big retail advertising...hang in there all will work out and I' willing to bet as the business grows and picks up you'll be flooded with orders by Christmas.....chin up sweety you're doing a wonderful job...xo

  2. My suggestion would be to make a theme of some sort for each gift basket - and say what the theme is. I would also say what is included in the bag -- is everything in the photo what you get? They look lovely though. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pins on Pinterest!

  3. Hi Nellie, gorgeous gift packs, so sweetly put together. Where are you advertising them? Sometimes I feel the same way about my Rowantree collection, it's just a difficult market out there at the moment. Are you facebooking? Xxx

  4. Nellie, I honestly can't see anything wrong with your packs - they are a lovely collection of items and your photos are very clear.

  5. Hi Nellie, don't lose heart, the packs look gorgeous and I think you have done a lovely job of presenting them. The only thing that I would say is that you need to try and aim them at the market that don't really know what to buy for their Mum/MIL. I choose the gifts chez Pirate and already have things planned months ahead. My Mum I am giving a subscription to a magazine she wants, my MIL we made a photo book of all the grand kids. If I had no idea though one of your gift packs would be perfect... so I guess what I am saying is seek out that specific, "I have no idea what to give" market. How you do that I don't know, but believe in yourself and stick it out I say! Good luck!! xx

  6. Nellie your gift packs are gorgeous and as far as i can see you aren't doing anything wrong, so don't be doubting your self. When I saw the crowns on the writing gift pack I was totally in love with it and put it into the shopping cart but I seriously shouldn't be spending any money right now and guilt got the better of me (it has to happen sometimes I guess ;-) Historically crowns were used to signify you were a milliner so I just love them. Dealing with joe-public leaves you scratching your head sometimes but I truly love what you are doing. Caz xx