Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Green and White

Thank you for your lovely comments on my new mixer yesterday.

I was very spoilt and I am very thankful. A few of you noticed that my mixer has a glass bowl. I believe you can upgrade to the Platinum Collection and it comes with the glass bowl. I asked for this one as I often forget to take the butter out of the fridge so it can soften and being lazy I can pop it into the glass bowl and straight into the microwave to soften rather than having to use another dish.  I know, I am very lazy.

Not only did I get very spoilt on Sunday with my lovely gifts but my wonderful husband and son hosted Mother's Day lunch for some of our family. It was really lovely to sit back and catch up with family while the boys cooked, served and cleaned up.

My contribution was the table setting and decor. Last week I mentioned that I had decided on a green, white, silver and a bit of black for my theme.

It turned out beautifully and the Chrysanthemums are still going strong and looking lovely except for where they got burnt by the candles :-( 

Definitely need to keep that in mind, don't have the candles too close to the flowers.

I experimented with my place cards/tags and used some leftover chalkboard paint. I painted both sides of the cardboard tags and they worked wonderfully. You can wipe them clean and use them again and again.

I used some mason jars as vases and decorated them with some paper doilies then placed them together onto a silver tray for my centrepiece.

 What do you think did it turn out ok?



  1. Nellie table setting looked very pretty and I love the name tags what a great idea :-) xx

  2. Looks gorgeous, Nellie! I hope you're enjoying your new mixer.


  3. It all looks so beautiful Nellie! You did a wonderful job. I love the colour combo, in fact, I love everything!

  4. Incredibly smart and beautiful and yes I know exactly the reason candles should not be near the flowers!!!!!!

  5. beautiful flowers and I just love your table setting xx

  6. Beautiful table setting Nellie and I'll be pinching your idea for the place setting cards......Love the fact the boys took over the kitchen for you and let you have the day off, very sweet of them....xo

  7. The table setting is just gorgeous Nellie and I love the doily idea on the jars. Green and white is such a refreshing combo.