Tuesday, April 10, 2012

White Lounges

Way back here I blogged about wanting new lounges

and how I really really wanted white ones

After lots and lots of lounge hunting expeditions

Many trips to Ikea,

Lots of research

More trips to Ikea

A little bit of pleading and bargaining

A special offer from Ikea for a $25 gift voucher

with every $500 spent

and I finally have my new white lounges.

3 months on and I still love them

and no I don't regret getting white.

Anyway I can always get different covers if I need a change.

Do you spend a long time researching before you make a purchase

or are you a compulsive shopper?



  1. Your couches are gorgeous Nellie and how wonderful they have covers that you can wash if you need to or change if you want to. I am terrible when it comes to big purchases, well little purchases too for that matter :) I procrastinate and stress and worry I'll make the wrong decision. Paul thinks I'm mad :)

  2. Hi Nellie

    Love the couches, they'r the same ones I've been eyeing off at Ikea too. Don't you just love Ikea? I do and I miss it heaps as my closest one is now three hours away......I know Chris will be skeptical about white couches but I'm happy to take the chance and they look so crisp and fresh......I don't really procrastinate too much over big or small purchases....if I'm out and I know what I'm after and I find it then I'm usually happy to gt it there and then on the spot.....Chris is definitely one for making a pro's and cons list hehe......hope you had a good weekend..


  3. I love your couches too, and yes I do lots and lots of research, the best part.x

  4. Yes I am such a ditherer, I drive myself nuts. They look great, I love anything white. Enjoy. thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  5. I have been coveting these exact same couches for a few years now..think I have finally convinced hubby that they are doable with children :)
    Your lounge room looks lovely.

  6. We've been living with chambray blue couches for 12 years...I.m so over them!!! Your couches look great, very jealous!
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting too :)

  7. I have an ektorp couch and love it. I've had it for years and it's wearing well. I love the look of white covers but Molly prefers white with muddy paw prints :) I'm about due for an updated cover set. Yours look fab :)

  8. I am more impulsive but my son and DIL are looking at the white Ikea sectional. They have been pondering for a long time... I think it is perfect for them and they should go for it. Yours look lovely. I love white...bleach is a friend to me and my white sofas.

  9. So beautiful it's the room I wish I had. I wanted white so so bad when we were searching for new lounge and got over ruled :-( So then I thought the next best thing would be saddle brown leather as that can look rustic and not too masculine and then I ended up with dark leather and tried to talk myself into it was a sort of gentleman's smoking room kind of look and yep I hate it!! at first I couldn't even walk into the room without tears welling up and I try to cover them with white cushions and count the years until I can replace them.

  10. Nellie, they are lovely!! I just wish i could have white lounges but my boys are too young and messy!!! But maybe one day when they are older!!!
    laura xxx

  11. Just between you and me, they are the best, most affordable white sofas out there. I have a friend who has just purchased two for her Hampton's styled home and they look just as good as yours. Well done! A-M xx
    PS Just sent you an email. xx

  12. Hi Nellie, I used to be a researcher but now I'm quite definite about what I want. Your living room looks gorgeous! It's amazing how well the white ektorp slipcovers hold up :)
    Cas x