Thursday, April 19, 2012


Slipped inside the last issue of BHG was an offer to receive an introductory package of 'Gardening made easy'. I was very excited because the free gift they were offering was the gardening set I was looking for and it wasn't going to cost me over $100. 

Yay! Sign me up please, if you don't like the series there is no obligations but the free gardening set is yours to keep regardless.

I really was very excited, I have been looking for new gardening tools with the right wooden handles for months ever since someone left my last set out in the yard and the dog decided that they were perfect for sharpening his teeth on.

My gardening set arrived the other day and I was slightly disappointed. Funny how the photo of them in the brochure made the set look slightly bigger!

I am still on the lookout for a nice set of gardening tools, looks like I may have to ask for the Laura Ashley set for Mother's Day (if I can't get a Kitchen Aid that is)

My nephew loves them though. He is staying with us during the school holidays and he just loved getting out and planting some seedlings. The tools were perfect for him :-)

My new herb garden seems to be surviving and the cute labels look great

I got the herb labels for my birthday last year but they were  from Big W and from memory only about $8 for the set of 6.

If you know of anywhere that I can get a nice wooden handled gardening tool set please let me know. 

I do love the Laura Ashley Sets but they are a little pricey especially since I am a gardening novice.

You can still enter my giveaway for $100 gift voucher to McCarthy Designs & Occasions online store here.



  1. How funny they were so tiny when they arrived :) I have those herb markers too - they're perfect and SO cheap. Love your cute wooden stool. Enjoy yourday Nellie xx

  2. Oh I do love your markers, I think I may have to make some for our garden.
    Good luck in getting a garden tool set that you like :)

  3. I have the exact same gardening set Nellie and it too came with a gardening series and yes I too was surprised how small it was compared to how it looked in the brochure....I have put it away for the girls to use when they're helping in the garden...I find Bunnings always has nice wooden tool but not in sets...Hope you're having fun in the's cold, windy and wet here again today....xo

  4. They used to say "the camera never lies" - but these days it's tough to trust product pics isn't it. It's like all those "diet meals that look big on the plate until you realize how small the plate is!

    Great blog. Enjoy your gardening.