Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Before & After -mirror & blanket box

Yesterday I mentioned that both the mirror and the blanket box I featured had undergone makeovers however I had never gotten round to sharing them.

Finding before photos proved to be harder than I thought! I think I need to give my files a little tidy up :-)

Not to worry, I found something, better than nothing and they are before shots after all.

My sister's boyfriend picked up the mirror, almost brand new during council clean up in Sydney somewhere.

I was the lucky one who got to keep it, a lick of white paint and it was perfect! I used white gloss spray paint for this job, just apply light coats allowing them to dry in between until you achieve the cover you want. On a good day 20 minutes between coats is all you need. 

The next photo is really terrible but all I could find, the blanket box is in the back left against the wall and I am looking rather stylish. Lol!

I am guessing it was too cold to be painting outside. Over the last 3 years our dining area has regularly become a painting room. It is close to the wood fire so it helps to dry the paint. I can open the doors and windows for ventilation and not freeze. 

I am painting our new stools to look old and it looks like a door on the saw horse and I must be working on the mirror too. Very efficient! 

Speaking of stools, one day I would like to stencil something on top of them, maybe numbers or a letter? Any suggestions?

Looking back at this photo reminds me that we have new flooring too that I haven't shared yet, but that is for another day!

I painted the blanket box with the good old Door & Trim paint that we always have on hand. I used a combination of brush and rags to get the effect I was after. I also blended in some grey paint to add depth. I find that I am not a very technical painter I just experiment until I like what I see. Paint goes on, gets wiped off, add a little more here and there, wipe a bit more off, paint over what you just did....... very experimental!

The beauty of paint! It is a great way to get a new look without a huge cost! 



  1. What a great little DIY Nellie..and an awesome find x

  2. The wonders of white paint :)
    Love both the mirror and blanket box.

  3. What a great find!!! And so, so much better painted white!!! you did a great job nellie, the blanket box looks fantastic too! Look forward to hearing about your floors!
    laura xx

  4. It looks absolutely gorgeous Nellie, what a lovely job you've done. The Eiffel Tower looks fabulous perched up there xo

  5. You're very clever, aren't you? I've been meaning to get in touch and tell you how gorgeous your new store is! Well done, you must be enjoying it. You have such a lovely range. I have my eye on a few things so I'll be shopping soon.. Have a great weekend. Rachael xx