Thursday, April 5, 2012

Decorating for Easter

We don't really decorate much for Easter here in Australia

This year I haven't done much in the way of decor at all.

I like to buy some extra bags of small chocolate eggs to have in the house leading up to Easter.

It is nice to offer them to visitors and we manage to eat a few ourselves.

This year I bought lots of little Chocolate eggs

Not all for us

I emptied all of the packets into a big vase and as
we aren't celebrating Easter at our place this year, this was the extent of my Easter decorating

Simple but still effective

The vase is not so full any more

No we didn't eat them all

I made little boxes and then filled them with some chocolate eggs

the last couple of years I have been trying to reduce the number of chocolate we give

It all gets a little ridiculous

we only finished the last chocolate bunny from Easter 2011 about 4 weeks ago!

This way I give something hand made and some chocolate to keep the kids (big & little alike) happy.

I hope you all have a great Easter long weekend


  1. All of those chocolates in the bowl look lovely and very effective. I really like the simplicity of your decorating too and those cute little boxes are a great idea to give a little something at Easter but not too much:) xx

  2. I think having little Easter eggs on hand to share with guests is a good idea - I like how you've displayed yours. Your boxes are very cute too Nellie! x

  3. Hi nellie, sorry I havent commented yet over the past few days but I have been reading!! I have had to read on my phone as the laptop I borrowed from my brother broke!!!! havent told him yet tho!!! I am so excited for your store; how amazing!!! I will definently do a post for you, just give me a couple of days - things take longer with this crappy old desktop i have to use; will be another week till i have a shiny new puter unfortunately!! I do hope you have a really wonderful easter with your family and friends!! There is so much chocolate around, it has been way too hard to resist for me!!! oh well, straight back to wwatchers next week!! Lots of love!
    laura xxx

  4. Love your boxes, have a lovely easter.x

  5. We did a big jar of eggs for our breakfast guest too but I forgot to put them out so now I have a excess supply not good as I have been over enjoying the hot cross buns and easter eggs for quite some time.
    Off to check out your online store
    Happy Easter