Monday, April 16, 2012

Kitchen Aid or Kenwood Chef

Ok bloggy friends, Mother's day is just around the corner and I need to start dropping hints.

I would love a new mixer as I know it would help me become a Domestic Goddess but I am undecided about which one to get. 

I thought I wanted the Kitchen Aid mixer and I love the red, (but I would play it safe/boring and get the brushed nickel)

But I have heard that the Kenwood Chef mixer is better. 

I am in need of your help, this is a big investment I don't expect to be replacing it in a hurry (there are far to many other pretty things that are not practical that I would like to buy as well) and I am not even sure that I will get one for Mother's Day, I may have to wait until the end of the year and ask for a  combined Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas present in order to justify the expense but I would love to hear your thoughts.

Do you have one? Which one? Do you know anyone that has one and do they like it? 

Do you have another mixer that works just as well or better?

Please tell me all, the good, the bad and the ugly?

I did mention that I am a researcher, didn't I?


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  1. I asked for bloggy friend's help with this topic a while back too and am still yet to get a mix master :) Am making do with my hand held beaters still. My friend has the Kitchen Aid - it's something that has to be out permanently on display as it's quite heavy so if you're short on bench space perhaps consider that. Otherwise, I've only heard good things about them. I say go a cool colour though if your go down the Kitchen Aid path :)

  2. Hi Nellie

    I love the Kitchen Aid Mix master too and reallywant one but as you know we're moving soon so the expense is out of the question at the moment...however I did just get the Kenwood Mixer and I have to say it is a great mixer and I'm really happy with it as I wasn't sure how well it would do but so far it's handling everything I'm throwing at it.....Like you Nellie I didn't want to be replacing it any time soon either....I just had to throw out my sunbeam mixer last year as it burnt out and only just was out of I said to Chris no way was I buy another cheap the time we spend money replacing crappy mixers we could make a good investment and have one that lasts forever....well almost forever...happy deciding...from a kenwood mixer lover xoxox :)

  3. I just had this discussion with my husband and best friend over the weekend! She has a fancy Kenwood mixer, which appears to have more attachments and functions than the Kitchen Aid. However, that may also have come from the fact that Kitchen Aid attachments are more expensive.

    I think Husband is leaning toward the Kenwood, although the KA is so pretty!!!!

    Good luck with your research.

  4. I've got a Kitchen Aid mixer and I really love it. It's heavy but I like that because when I'm mixing doughs it doesn't go moving around the bench like my other mixer. I haven't bought any of the other attachments and I think some may be a little expensive but I figure that can come with time if I want them but for now the basics are all I need. I love the brushed nickel too but I went with the pearl metallic because it was a little bit cheaper:) Enjoy choosing. x

  5. Oh i love my KitchenAid, it's stylish & fantastic mixer. I also make bread dough, meringues, sausages, pasta, icecream (once you have a KitchenAid, you start buying it accessories as gifts) along with the matching food processor, toaster, hand mixer, saucepans . . . get the drift, it's addiction, a slow burn addiction as it's all very pricey.
    Now, most chefs (small scale) use, love & stand by Kenwoods.
    We grew up with a Sunbeam, that seemed to do everything my chef mother needed to feed us magic.
    If the ads in the magazines i've just read over the weekend (Home Beautiful, Donna Hay) are anything to go by, there are tonnes of colours now available from Kenwood & other brands, with discounts if you buy more than one or two accessories. Good luck, love Posie

  6. I have the red kitchenaid..When I turned 40 I said I wanted a new red car..i got a mixer instead. For me it;s a style thing. The Kitchenaid is a classic. Every kitchen should have one.


  7. i have had a kenwood chef for about 15 years now and am very happy with it. i bought it for myself after years of having a handheld mixer! i have no experience of the kitchen aid, personally i prefer how the kenwood looks. i have a special cupboard to house my kenwood and my thermomix and so they don't need to be on the counter top all the time. happy choosing