Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yuppy Bubby - Bits & Bobs for Bubs

This is my first purchase for this baby and it is extra special because my bloggy friend Michelle made it.

Michelle is also expecting and is due one day before me, we both found out we were pregnant at the same time and have shared our pregnancy journey together. It has been so wonderful to have a friend pregnant at the same time and so close together. We are both expecting boys too! 

Michelle blogs over at Home, Love & Life As I Live It

Michelle is far more talented than I though and she has put her talent to good use and has been sewing up a storm, I can't sew well at all so I was more than happy to take advantage of her skill and purchase on of the first sets she had for sale.

My package arrive yesterday and my wonderful hubby took some photos and emailed it to me. Unfortunately I haven't seen bub's new set in person but Nick assures me that the bib and hat look great.

I am so excited for Michelle and her new venture, I would love for you to pop over to her blog for more info on the items she can make and then pop over to her etsy store for gorgeous hand made baby goods at great prices. Michelle's goodie's would make great gifts for any new or expectant mums.

Michelle's new etsy store has a great name

As for me I am still taking it easy and hanging out in bed all day at the hospital. I do get to get up and go for some short walks and I can go and sit out in the cafe's courtyard to enjoy some fresh air, so not all my time is in bed.

Yesterday I was granted a gate pass which entitles me to a trip out of the hospital for 4 hours :-)

The Dr has to give permission and the midwives check my obs and bub's heart rate before I go and when I return to make sure all is well.

My sister came to visit and took me out for a while. I didn't venture far and made sure I took it easy so we only went to the local Koorong Book Store. 

It was the perfect outing, I was able to grab some new books and then when I was feeling a little weary we sat down in the cafe (all air conditioned) and chatted over drinks and snacks, just lovely!

Thank you for all of the lovely encouragement you are leaving me, it really makes my day you all all make me feel so special.


PS. 26 + 1 weeks today, yay! 


  1. Hi Nellie, so glad you got your bib and hat today and well done to Nick for his photography skills...though I would like to point out the label is on the back of the bib not the front :) Yes it has been great enjoying our pregnancies together and having someone to talk to about it all....I wonder which one of us will have bub first...I have a feeling we may be sending each other a text saying we're in labour at the same time...lol.....oh and by the way you or Nick have permission to text me any time of night or day when you do go into labour...:) take care and I'll be in touch soon...xoxo

  2. It must be so nice to have a friend to share the journey with, comapre notes and so on! Very cute goodies, those little hats are so important. I hate seeing babies out in the sun!
    I'm glad you are doing well. It must get boring so it's good you are allowed out a little. Take care xx

  3. Gorgeous baby gift, what a lovely day out, enjoy your books.x

  4. Love the Koorong shop at Penrith! Enjoy your books!

  5. Such a cute little bib & hat, its so esy to spoil bubs when there are so many cute little things available.
    Lovely to hear your doing well Nellie, every weeks a new milestone.
    Enjoy those books xx

  6. Michelle is such a legend! I'm so excited for her new venture too :) Glad to hear things are going well and that you are taking it easy. Enjoy your books Nellie
    Cas xx

  7. Hi Nellie I was wondering how you were going. Hopefully all is well and bub is staying put. Deb