Friday, July 31, 2009

A weekend away

It's the weekend and I am fortunate enough to have a long weekend thanks to the Bank Holiday on Monday. I am dreaming of a nice quiet weekend away with lots of time to do anything I want, like read a good book or go for picnics, or long walks or just sit and dream.....
These cottages look like wonderful spots to relax for a long weekend.
I think I may even enjoy camping if it was like this....
Whatever you do this weekend, I pray that you enjoy yourself.
Photo source: unknown

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wall Stickers

While I was on holidays I was reading one of my magazines and I found an advertisement for a great wall sticker from Ikea. As soon as I saw it I really loved it, what a great product. I had a few ideas of where I could create my wall art but in the end I decided to put it here... what do you think?
Before: After:

Sorry about the colour, I took the photo at night time and we are still in the (long) process of hanging our new lights.

Photo source: McCarthy Designs

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Chairs....

One of the projects I managed to accomplish while I was on holidays was to cover some chairs I have had for a while. The cute little stool is a $5 bargain I got a few years ago. I had already covered it and painted it white but it was time for a change.
I just love this little stool, it is easy to pick up and take where ever you need an extra seat. It currently lives in our study which I just redecorated with black and white accents so this fabric was perfect.
This chair was a desk chair I had when I was growing up. It originally was my sisters when she was at University and then I ended up with it. I had already reupholstered it and painted it a few years ago however I felt it was time for a change.
Gone with the plain calico and in with a pattern. It turned out quite nicely and I am happy with it for now. This chair lives in our bedroom and the stone colour works well.

It was great to achieve something in my time off. Little projects like recovering chairs are so great because you get results fast. So nice to be able to have a job started and finished in a matter of an hour or so. Some of my other projects were small and some took a little longer. I'll post more soon.

Photo source: McCarthy Designs

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to work

I had a lovely three weeks break from work. We went away for the first week just to spend some time together as a family. We spent the week on the coast (Port Stephens), however being winter it was far too cold to swim. It did rain on and off for most of the week but we all had a great time despite the rain.

A quick stop at the Hunter Valley en route. We definately need to go back for longer, there is so much to see and do (eat and drink).

We went for walks and found some great places to hang around for a while. The Fighter Jets were a hit with the boys. I always enjoy the eating out part, ok I always enjoy the food...... Enjoying the crowd free beach. We ventured out to the spit and explored the area. Unfortunately the tide was high and we couldn't cross the spit.
The ocean is so calming, I love spending time at the beach, it doesn't matter if it's hot or cold it is always so beautiful.
Kids don't seem to feel the cold as much, they always are keen to swim even if the water is like ice.
Putt Putt Golf is always fun (frustrating), especially a course on a hill. There were some very tricky holes and we ended up finishing the game in the rain. The week went by way too quickly and we would love to go back again in summer so we can explore the area a bit more. The last two weeks of my holiday were a great mix of rest and productivity. I managed to get a few projects finished which I will post over the next week or so. We also have some big developments happening which are keeping us busy. More of that later as well. Photo Source: McCarthy Designs

Friday, July 3, 2009

Yay, it's the weekend.

I am so glad that it is Friday, my week ended up being very long and busy. I am on holidays for a few weeks now so I can relax and enjoy having some time off. It has been so cold here and I am really hoping it rains tomorrow so soccer is cancelled and I don't have to stand in freezing conditions to watch my son play. I am sure that snow is predicated.......
Anyway here are some more photos of the bargain buys I snapped up last Friday.
Have a great weekend.
Photos source: McCarthy Designs

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Photo source: remodelling centre Photo source: Katies Closet
Photo source: emilyandjamie.blogspot
Photo source: Blissfullydomestic
Photo Source: ckrennovations My friend is currently planning her renovation and she was so excited at the proposed addition of a mudroom/laundry. It would be soooooo nice to have a space just for leaving all of your muddy clothes and bags, umbrellas etc. After chatting about her plans for her house I have been dreaming of a mudroom all afternoon. Hmmmm...could we incorporate one in our house, Possible? Yes... Probable? Maybe............One day............... We can only dream.