Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Family photos

We attended a family wedding on the weekend and I am sad to say but these are our first family photos :-(

I am not sure why we haven't managed to get any before and I think ???? someone may have one of us altogether but the only one we have is the one that appeared in the birth announcements in the newspaper. Oh well it is better than nothing.

We had a great time showing off our newest family member and I loved seeing all of my boys looking so handsome.

Jack behaved beautifully throughout the whole day except for dinner and speeches at the reception, he woke up with tummy pains right on cue when entrees were served, so I fed him while I attempted to eat my dinner (seems to be the case more often than not lately) and then tried to pacify him while he made himself heard over the top of the speeches oh and then cried while he was passed around too. But once the music started he decided it was a great time to go to sleep, as you do because no-one can hear you crying over the top of the music anyway so why waste your breath ;-)

The wedding was in Berry NSW so we rented a holiday house that was able to fit 12 adults and 5 children, perfect for all of the family. It was lovely to spend time together but also very tiring, a big weekend with late nights and 5 hours drive each way. I am rather tired and trying to settle Jack back into a routine but he is really uncomfortable with colic and just not happy today so we have spent a lot of the day cuddling. 

Jack is now 7 weeks old, not smiling yet (we were all trying to get his first smile over the weekend but no luck), he was weighed a week ago and put on 2 kg's since his birth, he had his immunisations last week and a check up with the Dr confirms that he is all good with no problems other than colic. We are using drops from the chemist and the Dr and the midwife assure me that he will most likely get better by 12 weeks as his system gets stronger. I can't wait, I hate seeing him in pain and not being able to fix it.

Time is speeding past and we are all loving our little boy, he is changing all the time and we love watching him grow and we are all looking forward to him reaching his milestones.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Handmade gifts

 Jack has been very spoilt and received lots of gifts especially some very lovely handmade items that I know we will treasure for many years. 

I wanted to share this one in particular because the Lovely Lou from Stitched up with Buttons made it and just in case you don't know I have a range of her gorgeous hand made quilts available in store.

We were so thrilled that our wonderful friends who happen to be related to Lou organised such a special gift for Jack. 

Lou's quilts really are a lovely gift for any baby or child, each quilt is handmade and one of  kind. 

You can see the range of quilts that I have in store here.

 Have a great week!