Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jack is 9 months old

Where has the time flown?

Jack you are becoming a real little boy and everyday you continue to delight us with your gorgeous grins and your studious nature.

You are now 76cm long and weigh 10.24kg

You started saying dad at 6 months and 3 days :-)
You still mainly say Dad, sometimes it sounds like you say 'I did', 'hello' and when you're upset 'mum' otherwise you babble and enjoy the occasional high pitched squeal/scream. You also enjoy growling, a lot. You talk in your growly voice and find it very amusing.

You are starting to experience some separation anxiety over the last few weeks and have become more cautious of other people. When I am carrying you I can tell when you get nervous or anxious as you squeeze my left arm (tricep) with your hand, this sometimes is quite painful.

You are moving more but have not quite made it up on your knees. You get around slowly by commando crawling and generally under protest. It is hard not to pick you up as you usually whinge every inch of the way :-)
You much prefer being on your feet and pull yourself up whenever you can (bath time included) and have started making your way walking around the furniture. We bought you a walker/trike but you have only taken a few steps at a time unless someone is holding you. 

You finally have some teeth. All four front teeth appeared within 3 1/2 weeks with the last one finally cutting through just a few days ago. First it was your bottom left, then bottom right, top left, then top right.

Your sleeping has been erratic over the last month, with you waking anywhere up to three times in a 12 hour period but I am pleased to say you have improved again and back to sleeping through however we have resorted to giving you some formula in a bottle for your last feed at 7pm and this seems to have helped.

You can wave hello and good bye, mostly in a regal kind of way. You started off greeting people by offering your hand, it looked like you wanted them to kiss it, this progressed to a royal wave and is now more of a proper wave. 
All very cute of course :-)

You understand simple instructions like where is your toy car and know your name. You understand 'No'but won't always obey. 

You still love your food and are getting better at eating fruit. You have no problems chewing and can self feed but much prefer us to feed you. I don't think you can wait long enough to manage it on your own and can be quite demanding at the dinner table if we don't feed you fast enough.

You are one very adored boy and I love just being with you and watching you learn and discover.