Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Raindrops keep falling on my head......

Its raining and it looks like it is set to stay, this is not great news for most of our farming customers as rain during harvest is not very helpful at all!

I am still extremely busy at work and at home but I have been stopping by to visit but not always leaving comments.

I have really been enjoying all of the fantastic Christmas decorating that has been featured lots throughout blog land and we have made a start with our decorating at home.

I will hopefully get organised and share some photos of our home decorationa with you soon! 

In the mean time given the weather we are having I thought I would brighten the day with some of the lastest photos from our garden.

I'm all about keeping it real and that's why you see cobwebs on the pots and chicken wire around our plants (keeps the dog from eating them).

It has nothing to do with me being too lazy to style my shots!

The great thing about all of the rain we are having is that the plants have all really taken off. Sure beats watering the garden with a bucket for an hour each week!

and just to keep it even more real, this is our latest project. Currently on hold because of the rain, however I can see us having to get out in the rain in the evenings after work if we want to get the yard looking presentable for Christmas and all of the festivities that we have planned.

Ooops, sorry about the photo, unlike today it was quite a sunny day when I took that shot!

Hope you are all loving the build up to Christmas!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Myrtle Grove

My Wonderful Hubby emailed me this link this morning

That said...

"Merry Christmas"

"Welcome to your new home!"

I wish...........

Really he only said.....

"I thought you might like a look at this house that we can only dream about......"

I thought I would share it with you all just in case you would like to dream with me....

or maybe you have been very good this year

and Santa will be good to you!

 9/1/12 - EDITED  Images removed by request

"Myrtle Grove" circa 1850, is one of Brighton's earliest mansions and retains sizeable grounds which include a swimming pool.

Details found here.

Have a great day.


P.S Thank you for your lovely comments, I am feeling better today. Not so overwhelmed and I have more energy to tackle all of the stuff that needs doing!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


 Do you ever feel like escaping?

I feel very much like that today....

With the end of year looming and less than three weeks to annual leave everyone decides that it is a good time to buy new property or refinance etc...

So there is lots to do......

Both at work and at home

This beautiful serene bathroom really appeals to me today, nice and calm and relaxing

We do have these tiles at home.

That will have to be close enough for me when I get home tonight.

I am sure with a glass of wine and some candles I can close my eyes lie back in the tub and pretend.

All images via HouseBeautiful.com

Hope your day is better.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In the bedroom

When I posted my mini bedroom makeover I forgot to point out an important thing and a few not so important things....

The important thing was to point out my very lovely lamp that I won from Sandy, I mentioned earlier that I would show you where it lives and unless you were super observant you wouldn't have seen it!

The other thing I wanted to point out is that our bedroom makeover is not finished yet, in the near future I will have some art hanging on the wall above the bed, I just need to get to work on it......

Further in the future I will have he cupboards painted white and then even further in the future we will have new carpet and french doors opening onto a little courtyard where we can sit and enjoy our backyard. I will shoe you when it's done... just don't hold your breath : )

I also need to declutter the top of my drawers, it's just that every time I go to put some stuff away I can't bring myself to do it!

It is one spot where I just love to display all of the glittery sparkly things and all of the little things that are special to me.

Do you have a spot like this?


Friday, November 19, 2010

Mini Bedroom Makeover

After I finished painting the Chook house I decided to keep going, I had the hang of the compressor and all the gear was out so what else could I paint?

I had wanted to give our bedroom a lift for a while...

It was looking a bit dated and tired so what better way to freshen up then with a coat of paint

Oooops, I should have made sure the bed was properly made before I took photos : )

A new coat of paint

 Some new handles

..... equals a fresher lighter bedroom, total cost $0.

We had the paint left over and we used the old handles from the kitchen makeover 
(still to come... one day....).

Another little job that has made a huge difference was replacing our built in cupboard doors with sliding doors. Given the smaller size of our bedrooms this has given us so much extra space, I just haven't got round to painting them yet.

Well another week is almost over, I best go get ready for work.

 Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chook House

This old cubby house was a bonus we got when we bought our house.

2 years ago this is where is stood.

Last summer we did a lot of work in the back yard and replaced out rotting deck with paving.

As part of the work we relocated the cubby to the back left corner with plans to one day turn it into a chook shed.

During the October school holidays I managed to get out and give the house a mini makeover.

I gave the house a new coat of paint and young Nicholas helped me make some window boxes out of old pallets we had.

We still have some work to do before we can let the chickens move in but for now it looks
Much better and the total cost of this project was $10 for the petunia's, everything else we already had left over from other projects.

Thank you to all of my lovely friends for being concerned for me and asking how I am going, I had an exciting weekend with an overnight stay in hospital. I started bleeding quite heavily on Sunday afternoon and Nick took me to ED. The gyno on duty removed some more tissue and after consultation with my gyno believe that it may have been a large piece of placenta left. They think that it could have been what they were seeing on the ultrasound and mistaking for the AVM. I was kept overnight because I lost a fair bit of blood and my blood pressure was low so they monitored me, I am back home now and having a few days off work to rest. I have a few more tests over the next few weeks that will hopefully confirm that I am on the mend.

I hope you are all having a lovely day and I aim to spend some time catching up with your blogs this afternoon.


P.S  I just went back over to check my spelling and realised I could include another before and after in this one blog, in the first picture you can see a little puppy running around. It was taken in October 2009, here is that little puppy now.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My space

One of the rooms we have been working on has been Nicholas' bedroom. He was fortunate enough to get a new bed, new desk and is waiting on some shelves to get installed. So no photo's of his room just yet!

It meant that his old bookshelf has now become mine to use!

You might remember that I created a little space for myself in the lounge room after Nick started working from home and took over the study.

I had set up a little desk for myself with my laptop so I could blog away and study without taking over the dining table or breakfast bar.

Now I also have a bookshelf.

I have room for my magazines, essentials for my study of course!

 There is room for some of my favourite things

 Lots of natural light through the day and a view of the TV at night if I just happen to be doing something boring like helping hubby with the invoicing!

Sometimes I wish I had my own room for my study but then I think I would still bring the laptop out most of the time so I could be around the people I love rather than in a room by myself!

What about you, do you have your own space?


Monday, November 8, 2010

Orange Country Fair & Wool Expo

Yesterday we spent some time at our local Country Fair and Wool Expo. It was a great day for it, not too hot and not too cold, I still managed to get sun burnt though : (

 Our local historical group organises the event and money raised from it is donated to the community. This year they had approached our school with a request to assist on the day and in return they allowed us to have a BBQ stall along with some information displayed about the school. We will also receive a donation from the funds raised on the day.

There were some great displays and the old machinery caught the boys eye. 

I also found lots of great stuff to look at.

Unfortunately we were not very organised and we didn't have a great deal of cash on us. So I just enjoyed looking. I could have bought lots of lovely things though!

We helped out on one of the gates for a couple of hours. You can see my boy is getting so big and he did a marvellous job!

He does need a haircut though, however he likes it long and I am trying to pick my fights ; ) and I am sure once it gets hot he will get sick of it.

While we were doing our stint on the gate we were fortunate enough to have some musical accompaniment! We did feel very special!

It wasn't just for us though, we had a special guest, the Governor General arrived! In my lack of knowledge and preparation I tried to snap a photo on my new phone and this was it! Oh well, I think she was in there!

I was thinking that I would try and do a regular post on where we live, what do you think? Would you like to participate and share about where you live or would you be interested in seeing more of my beautiful home town?

Have a great week everyone and thanks again for your prayers and concern for my health. I am well enough and just playing the wait and see game at the moment, so there is nothing new to report!