Thursday, October 6, 2016

Supplier Spotlight - Monique Fryer Artisan Glass

Monique Fryer is the owner and creator of ‘Monique Fryer Glass Artisan’. She creates beautiful, one of a kind glass beads by hand and takes great pride in her unique pieces, selecting only the best to be sold in store here at M Group Retail.

While Monique began her career working with special needs students at Anson street School, she now creates beads full time in her workshop at home.
Each rod of glass, shipped in from Italy, is heated to molten temperatures and continuously turned through a 6 step process, changing each time, and can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

When asked why Monique continues to create such intricate and at times, very time consuming pieces, with some necklaces taking a week and a half to complete, she says she “loves the texture and feel of glass and just loves seeing the end result. You never know what they’re going to look like at the end!”


Monique is self-taught and began her journey with glass bead making 8 years ago. She says she continues to learn new techniques and discover new things about her art, with her new range of Jewellery including pressed beads, leather and wooden touches available now in store.