Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas in Store at McCarthy Designs & Occasions

Because  I am stuck in hospital this year I cancelled my big Christmas orders and only bought a few new things for the store this year :-(

I am also so disappointed that I am not at home to arrange them and take some pretty photos for you, however I am sure that you will be able to think of lots of wonderful ways to use my goodies in your own home or you know someone that will.

These gorgeous Christmas baubles come in a hexagonal box, each box contains 14 pieces measuring 7.5cm and they are $26.95 each

Find them here and here 

I love these mercury vases in two sizes

18 x 30 cm for $21.95, find it here

or 14 x 26cm for $14.95, find it here

Add a lovely glow to your home using these hurricane vases, just add some candles, the vases are available in silver or red, measure 9 x 11 cm and are only $9.95 each

Red here

Silver here

Place a few of these sparkly pretties around you home for only $4.50 each. These candle holders measure 7 x 8 cm and are available in red or silver

Red here

Silver here

What do you think, I think they are just gorgeous.


PS. I reached 29 weeks pregnant yesterday and am still in hospital, all is still going well with bub and my cervix is still closed and  holding at 2 cm. Still hoping to be home for Christmas :-)

Monday, November 19, 2012

28 Weeks Pregnant

I have been in hospital for over two weeks now and life has settled into a routine, rather boring but comforting at the same time.

Each day we have shift change at 6am, breakfast at 8am, doctors rounds at 8.30 - 9.30am, morning tea at 10.30am, obs and fetal hearts or CTG's also get completed at some stage during the morning rounds.

Lunch arrives at 12.30pm, shift change at 2pm, afternoon tea at 3.30pm, dinner at 6pm, shift change at 10pm and then it all starts again in the morning.

I have found that the days are passing by much quicker than expected, I have read lots and have now ordered some cross stitch as well to give me something a little different to do. I have been able to work on my laptop and play games or complete crosswords etc. My sister in law has provided me with a dvd player, some dvds and also a cute snail cushion kit. I am going to start on my cushion today so hopefully I can share my completed cushion with you soon :-)

Today I have reached 28 weeks, yay! another milestone in pregnancy with the risk associated with premature birth reducing and the survival rate increasing to between 80 - 90%

28 weeks 

If bub was born now the average hospital stay for a baby born at 28 weeks gestation in Australia is 10 weeks 4 days. 

26 + 3 weeks

Taking belly shots has proven a little difficult in hospital, first I have to find a mirror that is big enough then try and get an angle that hides the toilet, emergency buttons, urine collection devices etc. Such a glamorous life ;-)

27 + 5 weeks

Each week I get to have a little excursion across the road to the clinic to have my ultrasound and I get to bring back cute little 3D photos of bub. The one below is from my 26 week scan because last week (27 weeks) he was rather uncooperative and kept waving his hands around in front of his face so the pictures are not great :-(

Every second week the ultrasound is a growth scan where they measure bub to check that all is developing as it should be. Last week he weighed 1151 g or 2 pounds 9 ounces and my cervix is still measuring 2 cm closed.

I have a room of my own at the moment that I'm really enjoying. I like having my own space to rest and relax without feeling rude if I don't want to talk to the person next to me. I can close my door and forget that I am in hospital most of the time. My boys came to visit me yesterday and I was allowed out on a gate pass for 4 hours. While we were out hubby bought me some of my favourite flowers, they are now sitting on my table helping create a more homely feel.

At this stage provided all goes well I may go home sometime between 30 - 34 weeks. We're praying that it will be at 32 - 33 weeks so I can be home for Christmas. 

Thank you again for all of the lovely comments, emails, msgs etc. Reading them all really does help boost my mood and encourages me greatly. 

Hope you have a great week.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yuppy Bubby - Bits & Bobs for Bubs

This is my first purchase for this baby and it is extra special because my bloggy friend Michelle made it.

Michelle is also expecting and is due one day before me, we both found out we were pregnant at the same time and have shared our pregnancy journey together. It has been so wonderful to have a friend pregnant at the same time and so close together. We are both expecting boys too! 

Michelle blogs over at Home, Love & Life As I Live It

Michelle is far more talented than I though and she has put her talent to good use and has been sewing up a storm, I can't sew well at all so I was more than happy to take advantage of her skill and purchase on of the first sets she had for sale.

My package arrive yesterday and my wonderful hubby took some photos and emailed it to me. Unfortunately I haven't seen bub's new set in person but Nick assures me that the bib and hat look great.

I am so excited for Michelle and her new venture, I would love for you to pop over to her blog for more info on the items she can make and then pop over to her etsy store for gorgeous hand made baby goods at great prices. Michelle's goodie's would make great gifts for any new or expectant mums.

Michelle's new etsy store has a great name

As for me I am still taking it easy and hanging out in bed all day at the hospital. I do get to get up and go for some short walks and I can go and sit out in the cafe's courtyard to enjoy some fresh air, so not all my time is in bed.

Yesterday I was granted a gate pass which entitles me to a trip out of the hospital for 4 hours :-)

The Dr has to give permission and the midwives check my obs and bub's heart rate before I go and when I return to make sure all is well.

My sister came to visit and took me out for a while. I didn't venture far and made sure I took it easy so we only went to the local Koorong Book Store. 

It was the perfect outing, I was able to grab some new books and then when I was feeling a little weary we sat down in the cafe (all air conditioned) and chatted over drinks and snacks, just lovely!

Thank you for all of the lovely encouragement you are leaving me, it really makes my day you all all make me feel so special.


PS. 26 + 1 weeks today, yay! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hospital Bed Rest

I haven't had a great deal to blog about these last couple of weeks while I was on modified bed rest at home. I spent a lot of time researching incompetent cervix, reading many stories from ladies who have suffered from this condition and not doing much else. Now that I have progressed to hospital bed rest I am not sure that you will be hearing from me much at all over the next few weeks :-) 

 I had my full assessment at the clinic yesterday in Penrith and was admitted to the Nepean Hospital that afternoon. Bub and I are both doing well and my cervix length is holding up at 2cm yesterday so I am here as a precaution. Unfortunately Orange Hospital is not equipped to deal with premature babies born prior to 34 weeks gestation so it is routine to send women here for bed rest at least until past the critical stage of 28 weeks. At 28 weeks a baby is developed a bit more and at a better stage to cope with the travel to the nearest NICU after birth. 

I am by no means the only one here on bed rest and I share my room with 3 other ladies who have been here for varying lengths of time, the longest being 6 weeks already with another 5 to go if her bub stays put.

I am being monitored and will be assessed on a daily/weekly basis. At this stage I am definitely here until I reach 28 weeks (currently 25 + 4). I am not on any medication, I am being monitored for infections will only have antibiotics if required and at this stage I won't have any steroids unless I have signs of labour, contractions, shortening cervix, bleeding etc.

I am actually a really boring patient, I just have my blood pressure, temperature, pulse and baby's heartbeat checked regularly. 

I will have an ultrasound weekly, this will be a little outing for me, I will get wheeled across the road for this one so I am sure I will be looking forward to it, not just so I can see bub but it will be the furthest I get to venture all week :-)

This is my little corner for the next few weeks

and my excitement today consisted of new stockings to wear ALL the time (apart from showering)

a hot lunch

and these gorgeous flowers and yummy chocolates from my wonderful in laws

So no promises that I will blog often, I will try and update regularly but I don't want to bore you all with my exciting life :-) 

However I might surprise you all (as well as myself) and find interesting things to share, you just never know what can happen. 

Have a great weekend