Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas in Store at McCarthy Designs & Occasions

Because  I am stuck in hospital this year I cancelled my big Christmas orders and only bought a few new things for the store this year :-(

I am also so disappointed that I am not at home to arrange them and take some pretty photos for you, however I am sure that you will be able to think of lots of wonderful ways to use my goodies in your own home or you know someone that will.

These gorgeous Christmas baubles come in a hexagonal box, each box contains 14 pieces measuring 7.5cm and they are $26.95 each

Find them here and here 

I love these mercury vases in two sizes

18 x 30 cm for $21.95, find it here

or 14 x 26cm for $14.95, find it here

Add a lovely glow to your home using these hurricane vases, just add some candles, the vases are available in silver or red, measure 9 x 11 cm and are only $9.95 each

Red here

Silver here

Place a few of these sparkly pretties around you home for only $4.50 each. These candle holders measure 7 x 8 cm and are available in red or silver

Red here

Silver here

What do you think, I think they are just gorgeous.


PS. I reached 29 weeks pregnant yesterday and am still in hospital, all is still going well with bub and my cervix is still closed and  holding at 2 cm. Still hoping to be home for Christmas :-)


  1. Oh that has to be so hard. You still sound like you are handling it well. Good luck. Hope your wish to be home at CHristmas will come true.

  2. Love the tea lights, they are my favourite. Take care....sounds like your on track to get home. Fingers crossed for you.

  3. Fingers crossed for you Nellie, I hope you have lots of books and magazines in there with you.x