Friday, November 2, 2012

Hospital Bed Rest

I haven't had a great deal to blog about these last couple of weeks while I was on modified bed rest at home. I spent a lot of time researching incompetent cervix, reading many stories from ladies who have suffered from this condition and not doing much else. Now that I have progressed to hospital bed rest I am not sure that you will be hearing from me much at all over the next few weeks :-) 

 I had my full assessment at the clinic yesterday in Penrith and was admitted to the Nepean Hospital that afternoon. Bub and I are both doing well and my cervix length is holding up at 2cm yesterday so I am here as a precaution. Unfortunately Orange Hospital is not equipped to deal with premature babies born prior to 34 weeks gestation so it is routine to send women here for bed rest at least until past the critical stage of 28 weeks. At 28 weeks a baby is developed a bit more and at a better stage to cope with the travel to the nearest NICU after birth. 

I am by no means the only one here on bed rest and I share my room with 3 other ladies who have been here for varying lengths of time, the longest being 6 weeks already with another 5 to go if her bub stays put.

I am being monitored and will be assessed on a daily/weekly basis. At this stage I am definitely here until I reach 28 weeks (currently 25 + 4). I am not on any medication, I am being monitored for infections will only have antibiotics if required and at this stage I won't have any steroids unless I have signs of labour, contractions, shortening cervix, bleeding etc.

I am actually a really boring patient, I just have my blood pressure, temperature, pulse and baby's heartbeat checked regularly. 

I will have an ultrasound weekly, this will be a little outing for me, I will get wheeled across the road for this one so I am sure I will be looking forward to it, not just so I can see bub but it will be the furthest I get to venture all week :-)

This is my little corner for the next few weeks

and my excitement today consisted of new stockings to wear ALL the time (apart from showering)

a hot lunch

and these gorgeous flowers and yummy chocolates from my wonderful in laws

So no promises that I will blog often, I will try and update regularly but I don't want to bore you all with my exciting life :-) 

However I might surprise you all (as well as myself) and find interesting things to share, you just never know what can happen. 

Have a great weekend



  1. Hi Nellie, I was looking forward to meeting you at the shop when I'm up for Chloe's wedding. Having read your blogs, shared facebook and your shop, I feel like I know you! I hope all goes as smoothly as possible here on end. Rest up (as if you have a choice!). Take care, Narelle

  2. good luck with the next stages, it's great you can still blog when you can. Hang in there...those beans sure look like something to get excited about ...:)
    Bec x

  3. Take care Nellie, sorry you have to go through this and away from home. I know it sounds like you and bubs are going to be well looked after but just being away from home indefinitely will be stressful. At least you have some other ladies going through similar things to chat with but pregnancy is sometimes a very personal time where you are more focused within. Anyway your blog will be here when you get back and so will all of your readers if you need to take some time off.

  4. Oh Nellie, bed rest must be hard and I can imagine quite monotonous for you but it sounds like you are in good hands. It will all be worth it when your precious bub is in your arms and we will all be here for you when you're ready to blog. Take care xx

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your little one!!~
    Lot's of rest and positive thoughts sweet Nellie!!

  6. I am feeling for you Nellie. My mum used to tell the story of her enforced bed rest when she was having me. She said she cried every day! I hope you are not feeling like that and I'm sure if will all be worth it when you have a gorgeous bub in your arms.
    Penny x

  7. So glad to hear you are in the right hands lovely, here anytime for a chat if you want to blog or instagram something. Rest up and take care Nellie, our thoughts and best wishes are with you xx
    Kris_avondalecottage xx

  8. So glad they are keeping a good eye on you. Must be hard though. ((((HUGS)))) and Prayers.

  9. Those socks are divine;) you seem very positive about the whole thing, I hope the time passes quickly and you get the chance to blog, find inspiration and send you nothing but happy thoughts for your stay, xx ashley

  10. Good luck Nellie, I hope all goes well. You will be having your ultrasounds where I had mine! :-) Take care xxoo

  11. oh nellie, thats terrible, but you are in the best place. even though its boring, every day that passes is another growing day for baby... being a boring patient is the best kind to be, but i am sure you know all these things.. if i lived closer i would come visit you; just keep those legs up in the air and read lots of magazines!! do u have internet? that would certainly help... Sending you all my love and prayers, laura xxxx

  12. Oh Nellie, that is tough, you poor thing. I am so pleased to hear things are going well though... and boring is good, when it comes to being hospital bound. Hope you continue to be boring and just relax through your stay there. Rest assured, we will all be keen for updates though, so whenever you can, please do :) Take care and enjoy those lovely flowers and plenty of good magazines too :) xo

  13. Take care Nellie & stay boring . Nepean is such an amazing hospital, best place to be. xxx

  14. Hi sweety...glad you're doing well and you never cease to make me sexy are your bed attractive aren't they..hehe..I remember when I had to wear them when I had my gallbladder least they keep your feet warm.....Hopefully the time will pass fast for you and you'll be home before you know it :) Oh and make sure you take the sexy socks home with

  15. Thinking of you Nellie and praying that everything stays boring for you for a while longer. Maybe take up knitting :-)
    Or get a portable dvd player and catch up on some movies or tv shows.

  16. hey lovely nellie, have just arrived back from nz so hav just seen your blog post, take it easy and dosn't happen often we are forced to rest, smooch to you and bubs xx thinking of you

  17. Nellie, lots of positive thoughts winging their way to you and your precious baby xx

  18. Enjoy those lovely flowers and plenty of good magazines to :)