Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Has it really been that long?????

Oh my! I can't believe that I have neglected this space for so long!

There is so much catching up to do and so much that is in the process of happening!

Last time I wrote on here Jack was 9 months old, well my gorgeous Jack is now 27 months old and is my busy busy toddler running everywhere and talking constantly.

My baby, Oscar, is almost 9 months old, wow! He is adorable, either happy or cranky. At this stage Oscar doesn't really have an in between :-)

My big boy Nicholas is now 15, working at Pizza Hut, playing basketball and becoming a really lovely young man (most of the time ;-)  )

My shop has grown up and left home! We have opened up a store in town and we are making some exciting new friendships that I will be updating you on regularly (well that is my plan).

Fun times ahead, stay tuned!!!