Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Business

I haven't been able to post much as we don't have our internet connected at home. It is a long story but the short of it is that my talented Husband has started working for himself and has his own business. As part of the process we needed to disconnect our current internet supply and reconnect with a new supplier and unfortunately they must send out little Leprechauns on Moles to do the reconnection because it takes an awfully long time. As my hubby is a computer technician it is proving to be very frustrating given that he requires the internet to be able to do most of his work. Other than that the response to his news that he is working for himself has been very favourable and we are praying that he will be able to establish himself in no time at all.
His business is called ITTR - Information Technology Training & Repairs and his website is
the site is still under construction but you can stop by and have a look and if you are in the area and ever need work on your computer, printer, network, etc please give him a call.
I have been trying to get my fix of beautiful things while I am at work in between jobs and I spotted these two lovely images from Stan Benecki, and his wife Melanie Turner Benecki of Turner Davis Interiors. I love the elegant bedroom, it is so relaxed and calming I could easily picture Nick and myself having a cup of tea and a chat of an evening with the fire roaring, before retiring to that cosy looking bed for a much needed rest.
Their garden also appeals to me, I love the neat and tidy symmetry of the design. This photo makes me wish I could grab a good book and stretch out on the sun lounge to spend a few hours soaking in the warmth.
Photo source: Stan Benecki, and his wife Melanie Turner Benecki of Turner Davis Interiors via 'Things that Inspire' blog.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Dog House

We picked Mac up on the weekend. He is so cute. Unfortunately I haven't got any new photos of him ready to post yet but I will get on to that soon as he is growing so quickly. It is amazing how much Mac has changed just in the few days we have had him home with us. He is learning things very quickly, like where his food and bed is, where he should go to the toilet (he hasn't learnt this as quickly as I would like but there is definately improvement). His coordination and eyesight have improved dramatically along with his sense of adventure and curiousity. He still sleeps way too much for my son Nicholas who wishes he could wrestle around with him but it won't take long, so I am all for enjoying this puppy time as much as possible.
Mac is still very young, about 5 weeks old, so he currently spends the majority of his time sleeping in the laundry, soon he will need a house of his own. The options are tempting..
Apparently Rachel Hunter's dogs live in style..
I didn't see the pool in Rachel's pooches place, this 'traditional' style house comes complete with a doggy paddling pool, perfect for keeping puppy cool during hot summer days.
What about matching homes....
Perhaps something more classic
or a country style house for quieter times of relaxation and slower paced life
Then there is always this beauty from 'Hello Kitty' retailing for $30k.
If I had have been able to choose the puppy I would have picked one that I could carry around with me in this house.
Poor Mac he will probably just end up with his bed on the back verandah.
We can only dream......
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mac Update

I have had a very busy week and I must admit I am absolutely exhausted tonight however I thought I would share our latest photos of Mac (the newest member of our family... the puppy). He is ready to come home with us so we will pick him up this weekend.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck today so I do not have any bargain finds to share or find new places for in our house this weekend. Oh well, all is not lost I will be catching up with friends this weekend and that is something to look forward to, so heres to pretty, girly get togethers......
Have a great weekend.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another day off...

I am so blessed, this week I have two days off and I am planning on doing some bargain hunting at second hand shops tomorrow. I thought I would refresh your memory of my last day out shopping for bargains..... Before: After: Before:
After: I really enjoy finding unsual items that I can use to create a point of interest in our home. I enjoy the challenge and the element of unknown, the unique and most of all getting something for a really good price. Hopefully I will have had a successful day tomorrow and I will have some interesting finds to share.Photo source: McCarthy Designs

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New family member

It is my wonderful husbands birthday soon and he has been wanting a dog since we got married. We have discussed this and researched and visited the RSPCA and finally we have found our new puppy. We haven' t picked him up yet as he is too young (only two weeks old) but we have received photos of him and we have been promised updates as he grows until he is ready to come home with us. At present I think he looks more like a guinea pig than a dog......
Introducing Mac........
Mac is a pure bred American Bulldog, mainly Johnson with a bit of Scott. For those of you who know or are interested in these things. I have learnt a lot over the months as we have researched different breeds of dogs, who knew there was so much to consider.
Hmmmm, I am not sure if he will actually look any better. Bulldogs are not really pretty, I guess you would say that they have character.
..... here is what he will look like or close to when he is grown up.
Just because they put a smile on my face here are a few more for you to enjoy.
Both my boys are very excited at the prospect of a puppy dog joining the family and they can hardly wait until we can pick him up. Look out for further updates, I am sure that that there will be many more photos of Mac, especially while he is a cute puppy
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clean and Pretty

I had a great day off yesterday, It didn't turn out the way I planned however I was happy in the end. I wanted to get a few things done and cleaning the house was the first. I started and got carried away. The end result was a lovely clean house, I bleached every surface that could be bleached, I disinfected everything I could, I cleaned showers and toilets and scrubbed the floor and ended up with a nice clean house and a great sense of satisfaction. I didn't end up doing any study or shopping for pre-loved bargains but I was happy at the end of the day and I managed to relax in a nice hot bath with a magazine before the boys got home.
I had another feel good moment today when I got home and waiting for me was my marked assignment. I received a 'high distinction'. Yay!!!!
Photo source: McCarthy Designs