Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 weeks

It is amazing how fast the last 10 weeks have gone by. In some ways it feels like we only just brought Jack home from the hospital and in others it feels like he has always been here.

We all adore our little boy and I am so pleased to say that his colic has started improving, we still use the Brauer Colic relief drops at the moment but he definitely isn't in as much pain as he used to be.

At 7 weeks Jack stopped screaming every time we changed his nappy or gave him a bath and I can safely say that he actually enjoys his bath now and likes to float around for quite a while before he is ready to come out :-)

We finally got our first responsive smiles at 8 weeks, during his 8th week Jack's colic started improving (probably why we finally got a smile) and he started to pay more attention to things around him not just people. At this time I started putting out the play gym for him daily with a small variety of toys to look at. Jack started to reach out towards the toys hanging off the gym.

On Monday I went back to my first board meeting since I had the cervical stitch placed in October. I expressed milk for Jack (we had practised expressing and feeding from the bottle a few times prior to make sure he would feed ok) and left him in Dad's capable hands. I wasn't sure how well I would cope away from him for the evening but I managed quite well and was even able to concentrate on the meeting :-) Dad also did a great job but has requested that I leave some extra milk next time just in case, it seems that Jack wanted a tad more than I left, it's hard to tell with breastfeeding how much is enough sometimes. 

I took Jack in to see the midwife at the chemist yesterday and he now weighs 6.02kg and is 59cm long. He is feeding well and still sleeps well. He seems to be moving towards two big sleeps through the day and we still only get up once through the night for feeds, generally around 3.30am, however he is having more nights where he will sleep for 7 hours and not wake until 5am, yay!

Jack has a very serious little face and doesn't smile often, he seems to study things quite intently and is becoming more and more vocal with his cooing and baby talk, sometimes desperately trying to tell us something.

Our little boy has very strong legs and likes to stand (with help) he also has pretty good neck control and is able to sit up with assistance for quite a while.

It is so lovely to see his little personality emerge and I am enjoying each stage as it happens. We are so very blessed to have this precious baby boy.


Friday, April 5, 2013

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