Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have lots of Bathroom inspiration pictures, must be because I love escaping to a nice long Bath after a busy week. I chose some of the best pictures that illustrate what we wanted when we built a house.
I really like the bathroom in this photo, it is simple and functional. The concrete floor, the claw foot tub in front of the window, the shelves above the bath, the stool beside the bath are all appealing and something similar to what we wanted.
I like the prettiness of the room above, it is a bit too fancy for our liking but we would've incorporated one of the items into our bathroom. I couldn't do them all as altogether it is too much for our taste.
We wanted claw foot tubs in our new house (in fact we actually bought two and still have them) and we were contemplating a shower over the tub in the en suite.
I really like the vanity unit above, I like the solid finish and the size. I like the mirror above the bath as well.
This vanity started life as a dresser. I think re purposing an item is a great idea, you end up with unique furniture and fittings with character and stories behind them.
If concrete is too expensive would is just as nice. I would probably give the vanity a white wash finish though.
I love the cupboard, I think more than anything it is the shelves full of luxury bath items that catches my fancy.
A nice simple white bathroom, nice towel hooks, unusual vanity, pretty and functional.

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