Thursday, November 19, 2009

I realised tonight that I (we) have completed a few projects that I forgot about and that I should share. The first that springs to mind was the little (relatively) one that I finished on the weekend, (Yes.... while Nick was out working up a sweat on the digger). Originally I wanted to create an Apothecary Jar like I found here http://http//
This was what I started with........ The next step led me to here..... But then when I assembled it all..... it looked wrong. I didn't like it and I put it aside in the too hard basket. Until I received the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens... Guess what, they used similar items to create the cutest candle sticks. So next time we were in Bunnings.... of course I convinced my Wonderful Husband that I had to buy more supplies to create a trio of cute candlestick.. just like I have always wanted. Lo and behold... my project....
...and while I was in Bunnings (did I mention that we almost... not quite...but almost live there) I bought glitter spray, both gold and silver (well Christmas is approaching).
I experimented with the gold glitter spray.
then... I played with the silver glitter spray.
...and I ended up with this. Cute new candle sticks and cute silver (as well as gold) pine cones.

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