Monday, June 18, 2012

Winter Weekend

Our weekend was very wintry, it rained and the wind howled and it was a pretty good weekend to stay inside.
I did venture out a few times

Our trivia night on Saturday was fantastic, our result wasn't so great (3rd last) but we had a ball!

I meant to take photos as it was a 70's dress up theme but I forgot :-(

I visited a new cafe for coffee with a friend and wondered why I haven't been there before. 

It isn't new to town just to me.
They sold some lovely things too, it's always good to check 
out the competition. 

My things are lovelier ;-)

I hopped  on the scales for the first time in months and I have decided that despite the weather the dog needs to be taken for a daily walk even 20 minutes would be most beneficial, for him of course.

So I rugged up against the cold and off I went. 
The worst thing about walking/exercising in winter is half way through you are wishing that you weren't wearing quite so many layers.

Oh well the dog appreciates it and perhaps I might get some benefit from it too.

How do you go with exercise in winter?



  1. Anonymous18 June, 2012

    Of course your stuff is lovelier sweety....hehe...I struggle with exercising in winter as it's just so cold and finding the motivation is thinking of starting back at the pool though to do some swimming as my back has been very sore and swimming always helps it......glad you had a good weekend....xo

  2. Oh your doggy is so so cute Nellie and it looks like a lovely walking path for both of you, good on you!
    Sounds like a nice Wintery weekend indeed. Just have to make the best of these cold and incredibly short days... lots of cosy time indoors! xo

  3. Nellie I just love this made me smile and giggle with recognition!!!!!

  4. I try to walk through the winter too! great pics!
    have a great day...

  5. Anonymous19 June, 2012

    I enjoy walking in the winter months..pushing a pram helps with unloading the extra layers when I start to sweat.