Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A White Corner of My House

I think the best thing about having your own gift & homewares store is that you get to display gorgeous things throughout your home all the time!

It is so lovely to be able to change the decor when ever I like, or whenever something new arrives :-)

Right now, I love this corner, I love the white and

I love the lanterns, especially the big one.

It's makes a great feature piece

I don't even have candles in the lanterns and I love them :-)

The clock is just lovely

so pretty & French

Oh, and look what I received in the mail

more about this tomorrow along with a giveaway

that quite possibly has something to do with today's parcel...

but that's enough for now

Pop back tomorrow for more news.

PS. We did finish the paving yesterday, YAY!! Only 987 more things left to do around the house.


  1. Anonymous12 June, 2012

    Hey Nellie....I love my lantern too and I haven't put a candle in it yet either but it still looks so good....I love a give away will be back tomorrow.....xo

  2. Anonymous12 June, 2012

    Oh I can definitely see how that would be a bonus. I have always dreamt of having a little vintage/antique store but my husband says that I would never be able to part with anything which I guess is true.
    Love the little bottles.

  3. Oh I love your white corner of your house. I love that you can change your corner and other display areas when you get new stock in. I have a set of those six bottles they are so cute and I use them for so many differen't display ideas.

    Oh wow your notebook looks gorgegous. I can't wait to find out more about it.

  4. The lanterns and that clock are divine Nellie. Oh my, I keep looking at that clock, so so pretty xo