Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Decorating with flowers

In my opinion you can never go wrong with fresh flowers

There are so many colour and varieties to suit any style and taste

Having fresh flowers in the home is the perfect healthy way to freshen up your home and brighten up that spot in your house

Flowers can be arranged in so many different ways,

Use a variety together in one vase

A single stem in a bottle

Tie a ribbon around an old jar and add a bunch of your favourite roses

There are so many vessels you can utilise to display your flowers:

pitchers, watering cans, bottles, teapots, wine or champange glasses, bowls......

the possibilities are endless

You don't need to spend a lot on your flowers
If you are lucky enough to live near flower markets you can buy lots of gorgeous bouquets for a great price
but even if you don't local supermarkets stock bunches of flowers that are inexpensive.

If the flowers are looking a little worse for wear and they aren't marked down make sure you ask them if they will discount them for you, then grab a few bunches, cull the dead ones and you will still have a beautiful bunch of flowers to display for a few days.

My flowers are from Aldi and I bought the bunch of three stems for $4.99

I bought them on the day they came into the store and all of the buds were still closed. I love lilies for that reason, they last so much longer and you can enjoy watching the flowers open over a few days.

To make your cut flowers last longer you should:

  • Place them in water as soon as possible
  • Handle them with care, flowers bruise and will die quicker if bumped about
  • Try to keep them out of direct sunlight
  • Change the water daily or at least every second day adding a cap full of household bleach to the water
  • Trim the stems each time you take them out of water as the stem seals and they don't drink as well

So what are you waiting for duck out and buy yourself some flowers and add a bit more beauty to your life :-)



  1. I love flowers, and I learnt something new, your tip for cutting the stems each time you change the water was something I didn't know. I love using some old teapots, jugs etc to pop mine in.

  2. My little pirate and I ducked into our nearest flower market his morning and grabbed some fresh flowers! It is very dreary in Sydney at the moment so we needed something pretty in the house! x

  3. I'm with Emma such a dreary day in Sydney and I too bought flowers, a gorgeous bunch of tulips bright yellow for the sunshine we don't have here today. I put mine in a glass jar! I love your whte jugs so fresh looking!

  4. Totally make any part of the home bright and cheery and always look beautiful...xo

  5. Anonymous06 June, 2012

    Having fresh flowes always make your home seem more inviting too :)
    I adore having them scattered throughout the rooms in our home and will often buy a bunch with our fortnightly shop.
    Lately I have been improvising in the way of displaying small vases of herbs.

  6. Loving your $4.99 bargain bunch Nellie, they're stunning! The brilliant yellow is just so lovely for a Winter arrangement too.
    I love fresh flowers, but almost never buy them for the house. I should though, especially when there are bargains like these to be found. Beautiful photos xo

  7. Lilies are a favourite of mine too Nellie, they last for ages - great value!
    Gorgeous photos too xx Kerry

  8. Oh dear not a fresh flower to be found here very often since the flower farm closed!! xx