Thursday, June 21, 2012

Walking, how cold is too cold?

I have walked each morning this week and I must admit yesterday was tough.

I walked out the door and my phone was telling me it was -2 degrees 

Boss was so excited and he came running down the driveway then he slipped on the ice, he looked like a really clumsy ice skater, limbs going everywhere, he looked funny, I giggled, then I slipped. That wasn't so funny :-

Anyway we continued much more carefully after that. The frost was amazing. It was almost 9am when I took these photos and it was still so thick.

On the way back, the frost was melting on all of the big trees and water was dripping off like a shower. It looked nice but best not to walk under it.

The sun was beautiful but it was still cold. My fingers were frozen for quite a while.

So I am wondering how cold is too cold?
I rug up when I go for a walk but my cold that was on the mend has gotten worse :-(

Should I not be walking when it's so cold or should I wear a balaclava? I wouldn't look any funnier than the guy I met on Tuesday wearing a ski mask and carrying an umbrella.... I guess he didn't want to risk getting wet?????

Maybe I need Long Johns? My thighs are the only place where I have one layer and I do feel the difference.

Hehehe, stylish aren't I? 

I tried to get a photo of us to illustrate how rugged up I am but my fingers were too cold to co-operate and Boss wasn't sure what I was trying to do. I don't usually get that close when he hasn't had a bath for a while.



  1. You look well rugged up and the frost is so beautiful. I was thinking today how I felt bad that I haven't taken Molly for a much needed walk but I have been mostly bedridden with the lurgy. Hopefully your cold gets better soon. Take it easy xx

  2. That's too cold!!!!!
    You lose a lot of heat through your head so a hat or balaclava is perhaps a rather good idea!!!!!

  3. Anonymous21 June, 2012

    We've definitely noticed the cold in these parts too on our walk to school in the mornings, it's bitter and that is being rugged up to the max. I know as long as my head and feet are warm I can cope with the cold.

  4. The frost is so pretty. I think you and boss are very brave to go out in that chill. I would much prefer to be snuggled up in a warm doona.

  5. Two degrees? It's in the 90's here but feels like 103.

  6. Oh good on you for braving the cold Nellie, you're very inspirational. Must admit, the lowest I've exercised in this Winter is 10 degrees... and I found that hard. It does seem to attack the hands mainly... I have actually worn gloves when running in the past. Maybe those would help?!
    Love the photos, they're gorgeous and so so frosty. Your Boss is just gorgeous and the shot of you two together is super cute xo