Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Guest Blogger - Peaches & Maple

Happy Tuesday & welcome to another getting to know you session in my guest blogger series.

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I promise it's not hard and getting to know more about each other is fun :-)

Today's special guest is the lovely Cas who blogs at 

I love Cas' style and always enjoy my visits to her blog, if you are a sticky beak like me then you will love the  tour of her house. 

Go over and have a look.

Why did you start to blog and how long have you been blogging?

I started blogging just over a year ago as a way to record the renovating and decorating process of our first home, but since then blogging has become so much more to  me.

What do you mainly blog about?

I mostly blog about renovating our home and decorating it in country-coastal style, which essentially means painting everything white and throwing seashells around ;) But occasionally I'll blog about  family life, recipes and blogging itself.

What does a normal day look like for you?

Well, generally I open my eyes in the morning, work through the fleeting moment of existential dread, kiss my husband goodbye, drag my kidlets out of bed, pack school lunches, herd the kidlets into their uniforms, yell at them to make their beds or I won't give them breakfast, feed all the pets we have somehow accumulated, put the washing on, unstack/restack the dishwasher, hang the washing out, fly out the door, tell the kidlets to tuck and roll at the school gate, stop at the supermarket to restock on items that I swear I'd bought only yesterday with the grocery shop, grab a coffee, put the house back together, bash out a few blog posts, paint some stuff white, organise dinner, pick kidlets up from school, ferry them around to their various extra-curricula activities, come home, help kidlets with homework, fold washing, cook dinner, kiss my husband hello, kiss my kidlets goodnight, go to bed with a book, fall asleep within five minutes still holding said book. Nope my day doesn't have any full stops either, just a lot of commas.

Most used small appliance in your kitchen?

That would be the kettle! Oh and the electric beaters come a close second because we bake a lot of cupcakes :)

Do you buy things for your house because they look pretty or because they are functional and serve a purpose?

I mostly buy things for the house for their aesthetic value, but if I have to buy something functional then it has to look pretty too.

What is your dream job?

The one where you get to sit and look at decorating books all day and eat lots of cake without getting fat. I don't think it's been invented yet.

Do you have a major goal this year and what is it?

I basically just want to get as much as humanly possible done on our house. We are currently finishing off the ensuite and laundry and I would like to get the bathroom, toilet and kitchen done too. We shall see!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I used to love reading decorating magazines and had a massive pile of them at one stage, but I have found that a lot of them are being overrun with advertisements these days. I still have a collection of my favourites though, that I will refer back to frequently. I also have a couple of interior design books sitting on my coffee table that I leaf through quite a lot. But I would have to say that blogs are by far my biggest source of inspiration...real girls like you and me just doing our own thing and making our homes attractive and comfortable with what we have.  The supportive, sharing aspect is what I love the most about blogging in the DIY and decorating niche.

Are you a homebody or a traveller?

My husband and I are very much homebodies whose idea of a good time is a movie and a block of chocolate. Occasionally, we do get itchy feet though and then we'll plan a holiday.

How do you relax?

I love to read. A lot. Especially at this time of year, my husband, our kidlets and I will just mooch out by the fire and read for hours. 

Thanks Cas, I loved reading your answers and it was great to get to know you a bit better. 

Please pop over and say hi to Cas and while you're there have a look around she really does have a lovely home and a few tutorials for you to browse through too.



  1. Anonymous19 June, 2012

    Hi Nellie & Cas....glad to see you both today....Cas I have to agree with you about the magazines...too many are becoming just advertisement mags and it's frustrating.....I love the fact we can borrow ideas from each other....xo

  2. Anonymous20 June, 2012

    Thanks for having me Nellie!
    Cas x