Friday, June 1, 2012

Blessing Others - TEAR Australia

Earlier today I mentioned that I will donate 10% of all sales in my store McCarthy Designs & Occasions to a different not for profit organisation each month and that I would share a short feature on the organisation at the start of each month.

For June 10% of all sales from my store will go to 
TEAR Australia

The following information and pictures are straight from TEAR Australia's website

TEAR Australia is a movement of Christians in Australia responding to the needs of poor communities around the world. Our motivation comes from our belief that God loves all people, and in Christ offers them the opportunity of a new life. We believe that God is just, and has particular care for the poor and those who suffer as victims of injustice.
We work in partnership with other Christian groups, including churches, relief and development agencies and community-based organisations, which are working with the poor in their communities. We seek to build effective relationships with these partners, grounded in mutual respect, trust and accountability.
Priority is given to those programs that strive to involve the most marginalized and exploited members of each community, regardless of their religious or political beliefs.
In Australia, we work to inform and empower Christians, in partnership with local churches, to make a Biblically-shaped response to suffering and oppressed communities.

If we each do a little bit and share our blessings 
we can make a difference 


  1. what a very special thing to do nellie, you truly are a special lady, so caring and generous i feel really blessed to know you. your last post i especially took in. I do try to remind myself all the time how fortunate we are in this country, but it can be difficult at times. Its a constant battle trying to be content and not be caught in the trap of wanting bigger, better, more exclusive, more money etc etc. Its just one of the horrible aspects of the world we are living in now unfortunately and it makes me really sad. I can only pray that one day it will get better and that people will be good and kind to one another... gosh, what a lot of rambling! thinking of you and sending my bestest wishes ever!!!
    Laura xxxx

  2. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life. More power to your blog!

  3. Hello Nellie , your blog is very beautiful. Come see my blog too. I j; to follow you on your blog. My name is Valeria

  4. Sounds like a very worthy cause Nellie. Good on you for raising awareness.
    Tagged you in a post too, hope you don't mind.