Friday, June 22, 2012

Under the Weather

My cold has gotten worse today, so no dog walking and I even had a nap here on the lounge for a couple of hours this afternoon.

Our Nan & Pop have been with us for the week, so lucky for me they are taking care of dinner tonight and I am just going to relax.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend


  1. Anonymous22 June, 2012

    Hiya Nellie,
    Feel better soon!
    Cas x
    p.s. nice couch :)

  2. Oh nellie, thats awful... I do hope that you are feeling much better soon. I had a bit of something but managed to shake it quickly, just have to make sure it doesnt come back!!! Have a lovely weekend gorgeous girl!!
    laura xxx

  3. Hope your feeling better soon Nellie x so glad to hear your being looked after..Lots of lemon tea & honey lovely xx Kris xx

  4. Hi Nellie,
    sorry to hear that you're not well - get plenty of rest and hope you feel better soon x
    Also, hope the business is going really well and you're enjoying being your own boss xx

  5. That's no good Nellie! You need to get lots of rest or you'll never get rid of it.
    Make sure you keep warm too :)

  6. Hope you're feeling much better soon Nellie. That couch looks like the perfectly comfy spot to curl up when you're feeling unwell x

  7. Anonymous24 June, 2012

    Hope today sees you feeling better Nellie :)