Monday, June 11, 2012

Long weekend and a winner

We have a long weekend here in NSW for the Queen's Birthday so we are taking advantage of the extra day and we have been playing with concrete.

If you have been around for a while you will remember that just over two years ago we ripped up our back deck that used to look like this

Bit by bit we cleared and levelled other areas in our backyard and used the extra dirt and old pavers, etc to fill in the void below the old deck.

We worked and worked with lots of dirt and rubbish everywhere for weeks

We spent some time researching paving options and in the end decided to make our own using this plastic paving template and concrete. 

It was a much cheaper option and the result was just what we wanted.... rustic. 

We decided early on to go with a rustic and aged style that way any mistakes could be passed off as part of 'the look'

Finally it was all done, you can read more about it here

Over the the last two years some of the pavers sunk. We knew this would happen as the dirt underneath compacted further and we knew that the paving would need to be redone.

Fortunately not all of the paving has to be replaced just the area under the pergola where the deck used to be. 

So that is what we have been up to and what we are doing today. It isn't pleasant because it is so cold out there and really, I have no enthusiasm for this project considering we've already done it once before :-(

But it will be nice when it's finished.

Before I head out to brave the weather a big 'thanks'  for all of your lovely comments on my art work. 

It was a bit of fun and very easy to do. 

Tamarah from Shabby Vintage Junk is the lucky recipient of the set. 

Thanks Tamarah for your lovely encouragement I hope you enjoy the art.

I hope you all enjoy your Monday and I do hope you are doing something more pleasant than I am.



  1. The decking looks great but I agree, it would be a drag. You really only want to do those things once, if ever! I should be outside too, but I just can't be bothered :)

  2. Great job in there. Congrats to the winner! :)

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  3. WOW Nellie, doesnt sound like a good job to do this weekend, way to cold to be outdoors. My hubby was supposed to go to Lithgow this week to move a fence but pulled out because of the cold...We have gotten "soft" since moving to the Hunter Valley, LOL!!!
    Your art work was lovely!!

  4. gosh, what a huge job nellie.. it looks great!lucky you could get out and about and get things done outside! we re batting down the hatches here with storms and wild windy weather!
    Laura xx

  5. What a shame about the pavers, there is no end to the maintenance on a home. Hope it gets finished nice and quickly for you Nellie xo

  6. Anonymous12 June, 2012

    Hiya Nellie. Oh I hear you with the lack of enthusiasm thing! But you're right, it'll be great when its done :) Nice artwork by the way, I must have missed that post :(
    Cas x

  7. Oh Nelllie I'm BEYOND THRILLED & can't wait to see them....!!

    What a perfectly WONDERFUL start to my week....!!!!!

    Tamarah xx

  8. Hi Nellie! Yes I bet I had a slightly better time in Port Douglas than you did over here! :)

    chat soon,