Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We have a winner!

Sorry for the late post tonight but it has been a long day ...............
.......any way, I am very excited to announce the winner of my Celebration Giveaway. I used a random number generator and it came up with number 30.
Congratulations Kerry!
Kerry's blog is A Tranquil Townhouse and if you haven't been to visit Kerry yet I recommend that you do. Kerry has a wonderful writing style that me smile if not a giggle as I read, ok, sometimes I laugh out loud and then everyone at work wonders what on earth is so funny about the financials I am analysing ; )
I will be sending Kerry a set of six cards featuring original photos from the Southern Highlands.
Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway and to all of the encouraging comments you have left. It is really lovely to know what you think. xx


  1. Wll done Kerry, will be off to check out Kerry's blog, thanks for the opportunity to enter Nellie, cheers Katherine

  2. YEAH!!!! I love Kerry. She's great! I believe that's how I found you, Nellie . . . .through Kerry's site. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  3. Congratulations to Kerry!

    Kat :)

  4. Congratulations Kerry, couldn't have gone to a nicer blogger! I'm sure she'll be thrilled with her lovely cards Nellie. K xx

  5. Congratulations to Kerry! I'm so happy she won the giveaway, her blog is great and I always have fun visiting!!
    xx Flaviana

  6. Hi Nellie, thank you so much!! I feel very lucky. I love the Southern Highlands and I love your cards! It's always a pleasure to come and visit your blog and I'm glad you like mine. Still putting the finishing touches on today's post, but do come and visit...I need help today!!

  7. Congrats to Kerry - she is such a funny gal!

  8. Off to check out her blog now :)

    What a lovely glad I stopped by your little corner of the blog world :)

  9. How freaky, I just came here from Kerry's site. I am so glad she won, she is such a generous and kind blogger.

  10. CONGRATS!!! Kerry,
    Nellie your the best, perfect art giveaway and your personal art at it's best.

    How are you doing girl! what exciting project do you have next in the way of a home project, or are you taking a break?

    Love seeing your creative sides, so I will keep popping in on you :)


  11. Hi Nellie,
    You and your husband are just adorable!! Thanks for stopping buy agian and leaviing such a sincere comment!!

    How is design school going???


  12. Go Kerry! Go Kerry! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I am sure she will love it. Have a great weekend Nellie!

  13. Congrats! WHAT a wonderful surprise she'll have!

  14. Congrats to Kerry! I just posted my first giveaway, stop by if you can!

  15. Love the sounds of your weekend. The flowers look wonderful dismantled, what a great idea and the photos are fantastic. I too am loving photography, my camera is quite simple but i am still getting the hang of it. Mel xxx