Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Catchup

I am back home and back at work : ( It is so hard to get back to reality after spending time away relaxing but one good thing is I can catch up with all of my favourite bloggers and enjoy some really beautiful images and reading some very inspiring posts!
I have also found these wonderful giveaways from some really generous and lovely people!
Home and Harmony The beautiful Rie at Home and Harmony is having her first giveaway and the lucky winner will get to choose between two styles of glassware. To find out more about Rie's giveaway at Home and Harmony click here Low Tide High Style
Lovely Kat from Low Tide High Style is hosting a giveaway and up for grabs are these gorgeous sterling silver and blue pottery shard earrings. Tara designs and makes her own jewellery and you can visit her site Scarborough Shells by clicking here
To find out more about Kat's giveaway visit her at Low Tide High Style here.
The adorable Tracey from My House of Giggles is having a fabulous giveaway and offering her lucky readers the opportunity to win Atlanta Bartlett's 'At home with White'.
For more details on how to win this lovely book visit Tracey at My House of Giggles here.
I had a great time in Melbourne but unfortunately I did not take many photos as we forgot to take the camera most of the time. I will check what photos I have and see if they are worth sharing. In the mean time don't forget to enter my celebration giveaway here!
Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! xx


  1. Hi Nellie, welcome back! I am so glad you enjoyed your break.. and it is so hard to get back to work and routine! I too have been away from blogland for bit, as my best friend got married, and wow did it get hectic! I have posted a couple of photos... but now have to get back into 'real' life!!
    Thanks for sharing those lovely give aways you found... I look forward to reading more of your blog..

  2. Thanks for sharing all these great giveaways Nellie. Glad you had a wonderful time in Melbourne :)

  3. Hi Nellie, thanks for sharing, will have to have a look at those. Glad you had a great break!

  4. So great to see you back Nellie. I am so happy to hear that you had such a wonderful time in Melbourne! Thanks for sharing these amamzing giveaways from these gorgeous blogs! Wishing you a wonderful week~ Tina x

  5. I'm glad you had a such a good time in Melbourne getting time to relax and have some me time. Thanks for sharing the links to these great giveaways:) Have a happy week Nellie.xo

  6. Welcome back Nellie. It is always so hard returning to normality after a lovely break away! I hope your first day back hasn't been too difficult. Amanda xx

  7. Hi, your blog is gorgeous...full of beautiful photos and inspiration.....although it is hard to get back to reality you are probably glad that you are home.. as it is freezing down here in Melbourne today.... Thanks for sharing the fabulous giveaways.. Kym

  8. nellie!! Thanks so much for posting about my little giveaway! I hope you've had a great weekend :)
    Good luck!

  9. Nellie, so glad you enjoyed your time away. It is so hard to return to real life, but what can you do?
    Have a great day and welcome back.

  10. Hi Nellie! oh yes..Monday it's hard! but with all this amazing giveaways we can just hope to win something faboulos and wait for another great and relaxing week end!!!!

  11. Hello Nellie,
    Hope you are nice and relaxed.

    I wanted to stop by just to wish you well, and see what you are up to this week. The giveaway is exciting and am looking forward to giving a giveaway party over at my place soon.

    I love everything you are giving and promoting as well.

    see you soon

  12. Thanks for posting all of the giveaways in one spot! Glad you had a good time while you were away.

  13. Hi Nellie, I'm so glad you wrote because I wanted so much to save your blog on my blog list!!! And thanks for your lovely comment and I'm glad you enjoyed my story. At least has a happy ending, right?
    Looking forward to see you and your husband creations. My hubby is Nick too and teaches Computer Science at Univ!
    Have a lovely day dear Nellie!
    Hugs, Li

  14. We all need a little Melbourne time Nellie, mine is coming up next week. Collins Street here I come!
    Millie ^_