Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Confession

I confess.....
I really struggle to keep plants alive. See this box hedge, he didn't last long.
I bought the urn at a garage sale and didn't do anything to it, just planted an English Box.
Now the urn holds tulips
I really like the tulips, we bought them at the supermarket.
We stopped in to get milk and beans and walked out with tulips.
Well Mothers Day is coming up and I did have a dead plant to replace.
I thought we should enjoy them now because past experience is that they will probably be dead soon!
On different note, I discovered 'Picnik'.
I know I am probably one of the last to find this fun new program but I enjoyed it and just in case you haven't played with it yet, you can.... just click here.
You can make your photos look better or if you are a really good photographer you probably don't need to make them look better but you can make them look different! Hope you all have a great Wednesday! xx


  1. I love picnik and yes, I too am a plant killer! It makes me SO crazy that I can't keep a plant alive. I've had to put all of my plants out on the back porch because they're just so horribly unhealthy in my house.
    Your photos look great.

  2. I just had to replace one of my box plants as well so you're not alone Nellie! The tulips look great though and I don't know what I'd do without Picnik and photoshop which I'm very slowly learning. Have a great day x

  3. White tulips are so DIVINE! For the life of me I can not keep orchids is so sad. I have tried and failed so many times.

    Oh...I will let you know if I find a good seamstress for slipcovers and then ship her your way. :)


  4. Thanks for the heads up on Picnick - I'm so behind the times, I've never heard of it! I have PhotoShop which I find very user un-friendly to say the least. And such pretty tulips - at least when they die you can pretend they're just hibernating! K xx

  5. I struggle to keep plants alive too - I'm hopeless. I think I have the same white lanterns as you! I just discovered Picnik a few weeks ago though haven't used it yet. Will give it a go soon. Your photos are gorgeous.

  6. Thanks for the link! I def want to use it! Hey, my trick to keeping plants alive. There are moisture meters at you local nursery, you just stick them in the plant and it will tell you if it needs water. Perfect for planting in pots! Just thought i would share! i might post about it soon ~lulu

  7. this is the first time i'm seeing Picnik flowers..they are beautiful.don't worry I'm hopeless at keeping plants alive .when friends are away and want to look after there plants i always say no as they die on me all the time and i never have plants in pots anymore except for cactus plants which seem to stay alive for me:)

  8. I'm hopeless at plants too, lucky Glen is better than me. The tulips look SO beautiful!!! I received my gorgeous package last night! I'm going to blog about it this morning!!!


  9. I go through phases - one week I water my pot plants every day, the next week, they're brown and brittle :) We are currently in a not so good plant week :) Your tulips are beautiful - they're always such happy flowers to have in the home. Enjoy them! x

  10. I highly recommend little succulents.

  11. Your tulips look great, although I must say that tulips tend to die quickly :-( They are one of my favorites though. You're not alone. I definitely do not have a green thumb! I have never heard of Picnik, but I'll be checking it out! Thanks for the tip.

  12. Hi nellie, could you please send me your address details and one gorgeous set of French Navy stationery will be on its way to you! Congrats. again! KG

  13. Dear Nellie
    your pics dont' need any embellishment.. they are truly beautiful as they are !!
    I am a picnik addict pics need some help sometime;)
    Lovely, beautiful tulips and I love your urn too!
    xx Flaviana

  14. Hi Nellie,
    I know what you mean about not being able to keep plants alive for very long, I just look at the plant and it turns brown. Oh well, the tulips look lovely right now.
    On another note, don't you just love picnik?!! It is so fabulous. I go a little over board though fixing up my photos, I'm a bit addicted! I can't stop, I could spend hours with all of the fun editing tools!
    Your photos look wonderful!
    Have a great Wednesday.

  15. The tulips are stunning. They look perfect in the urn! I'm glad you shared them for us all to share :)

  16. The more I see of your home the more I love it...thanks for sharing picnik..I need all the help I can get as you may have already noticed..have a lovely day. Kym X

  17. Hello Nellie,
    You are not alone, I have to really be careful with what I care for, plants seem to die on me as well. So far I good with the Lavender, it's doing well :)

    See you soon

  18. Plants I can handle, but so many people find it tricky when they are indoors because of the moisture levels... it's so different when they are in the ground. Rule of thumb is a little water, often. Just try and do the rounds each day with a little watering can! The Tulips are heavenly... so elegant, and so nice to brighten the house little.
    Your photos came out beautifully also, I will have to check out that site for sure.
    :) Flick