Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Carcoar NSW

Last night I managed to spend some time adding some more original photo cards to our Etsy Shop. The photos for this collection were taken in Carcoar NSW.
Carcoar is a historic village set in a dell by the oak-lined banks of the Belabula River With steep hills surrounding it. Carcoar is a village of untouched 19Th century charm, that feels like a traditional English village.
The Mid Western highway bypass overlooks the village but many people are drawn in to the delightful village which is the third oldest town west of the Blue Mountains. The first daylight bank hold-up in Australia was at the Commercial Bank in 1863.
The town has been classified by the National Trust due to the number of intact 19Th-century buildings which have only been preserved and restored - there has been no reconstruction or replication.
There are some fine Georgian buildings along the main street, St Paul's Anglican Church built in 1848 and designed by Edmund Blacket, the century old court house, the 1849 convict built stables of Stoke House is believed to be the oldest building in the village, and many more. (the above information on Carcoar is from here)

A few years ago I spent some much needed time out at the Shalom House of Prayer in Carcoar. It was before I met my husband Nick (ok, maybe it was more than a few years ago now) and I was a single mum and I needed some time, just me and God to renew and refresh. I loved it and I will always remember it. There was no TV, no mobile phone coverage and no crowds.

I hope you enjoy these new photos, thank you for stopping by and thank you for all of the support and encouragement for our Etsy Shop. I really do appreciate the feedback and love reading your comments.
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  1. Hello Nellie,
    Your photo's are wonderful, a great story behind all of them, but that is what art is all about great stories.

    Beautiful pictures.


  2. The cards are beautiful Nellie, what a great idea! Rxx

  3. Lovely photos Nellie. Is Carcoar far from the Blue Mountains? The man and I are off to Leura for a break on the weekend.

  4. Hi Nellie, thank yuo so much for stopping by my blog, and also for your nice comment!!
    Wish you a nice day,
    hugs from Italy


  5. Hi Nellie. Those are some brilliant photos!
    I could use a retreat right about now but my bedroom will have to suffice when I need some time out. Just me and my Bible and God.

  6. I am so fascinated with old buildings and your photos are lovely. Great that these buildings have a designation. I hate to see old buildings get torn down. I am glad you Etsy business is doing well. You cards are so unique and I think you will very very busy!

  7. You've taken such beautiful photos Kellie and I love the colours in the 3rd and 4th photo, it looks really effective. It looks like a very interesting place to visit, I love towns with history and beautiful old buildings. xo

  8. these are fab Nellie... I didn't know you have an Etsy Shop too... I'll go check that out! thanks for stopping by my blog... see you around!

  9. Nellie,
    Those photos are beautiful. I am sure you will do well with your Etsy shop items. What a great idea, to make cards of your beautiful photo's.

  10. Fab photos....I'll check out your Etsy shop, I'm sure you will have success!

  11. Ahhh..I love these pictures they are stunning! Thank you so much for your sweet comments! Wishing you a wonderful week!

  12. Hi Nellie
    those photos are stunning! I can spend hours looking at photos of beautiful places and sometimes I do!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog also!
    xxx Flaviana

  13. Hi Nellie. I love old buildings and your photos capture them wonderfully. I like to imagine the people who used to live and work in them and see them roaming around outside and I can really picture it in your images. Beautiful.

  14. your photos are beautiful... thanks for featuring my giveaway on your blog..

  15. The photos are amazing! I love them because they have a piece of someone's history. I think anyone can appreciate that :)

  16. All these photos are stunning! You are very talented!
    Wish you a beautiful day,

  17. Your photos are amazing!!!! I can't stop looking at them :) So full of history and beauty!

    Thanks for linking up at my Tuesday Talent Show!

    Come on over again tonight for another party :)