Monday, April 19, 2010


Happy Monday, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I had a busy weekend but a good one. I spent some time with Nicholas and his friends on Friday. We walked the dog, ran around in the park and played board games. In the afternoon I took Nicholas out for coffee and cake in order for us to have some mother/son time then we went shopping for new school supplies.
Saturday was a busy day for me with a full day course/training so I was inside all day, however the training was beneficial and the day was productive.
Sunday was lovely, after church we went to our FOOD Affair and wandered around the 40 odd stalls of local produce and wines. Sampled lots of yummy things and relaxed in the shade, on the picnic rug, finishing my glass of wine and reading the free Country Style magazine that they were handing out! Perfect afternoon!
I also spent some time playing with WH's camera. You see, he is the photographer in our house and he is very talented where as I just point and shoot and I don't know what any of the fancy buttons and dials do!
I received a bunch of flowers from work on Thursday and promptly dismantled the bunch and arranged them in my garage sale bottles/vases. Do you leave your bunch of flowers as they come or do you take them apart and arrange them as you like? I do both. WH usually buys me a bouquet of Oriental Lilies and the florist always arranges them beautifully so I put them straight into a big vase and enjoy them as they are! Once they start to die and I have less and less of them I transfer the remaining blooms into smaller vases/containers so that I can get as much mileage out of them as possible. I really love fresh flowers.
If I get a bunch of mixed flowers I will usually take the bouquet apart and rearrange them in smaller groups.
I was inspired to practice my photography skills after reading Kat's post over at Low Tide High Style. Kat is giving away an autographed copy of Scott Kelby's book - The Digital Photography Book. I am so impressed with Kat's photos and I would love to improve my skills so here's hoping I win. If you are interested head over and check it out. The giveaway closes tonight. You can click on the link here to visit.
In the mean time I will keep practicing and asking WH for his tips! Have a great week! xx


  1. Hi Nellie, your weekend sounds fabulous, especially spending time with your son:) Your photos of your flowers are just gorgeous!! I received my giveaway gift today and I just cannot thank you enough! It was wrapped so beautifully and it was just like receiving a beautiful brithday present! All three of our girls have chosen a birdcage and bird decal for their rooms, THANK YOU!! I have so many ideas for that gorgeous paper and I have to say your photo gift cards are absolutely divine!! They are too precious to use so I think I may have to frame them instead - you are so talented Nellie. So a huge thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your gorgeous and generous giveaway gift my friend, I love it. Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love fresh flowers too and yours look amazing! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Nellie, your photos look great! I love the way you've wrapped the twine around the top of the containers as well...too clever! And isn't it great to make a bunch of flowers last and last?

  4. Hi Nellie, it sounds like you had such a wonderful weekend! Love your photos of your pretty flowers, I'm a bit like you - if it's a bunch of one type of flowers I'll usually leave them as is, but with mixed bunches, I tend to pull them apart and make smaller arrangements too.

  5. Nellie-
    A great idea to pull a flower arrangement apart. I always unwrap my flowers and plonk them in water and they never look quite even. There really is an art to floral design. I like the test tube design. My Paul, is a Science teacher - I am going to experiment with some test tubes! Thank you for the great idea! Tracey at Velvetine Lily

  6. lovely photos! nice to hear you had a wonderful weekend! speaking of photography... i'd like you to join the fun on my first giveaway-- a photo print of your choice. here's the link:

    see you around!

  7. Hi Nellie, what a beautiful weekend. Your photos are beautiful. I don't think you need any help with the photography....the pics are gorgeous. Wish I had half your talent:) Kym x

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Your photos are great. I actually studied photography as my major at Uni all those years ago but it was all film then, no digital. It's funny as now I just point and shoot most of the time. For my last few shoots in the garden I have been setting the camera on Aperture priority and am quite happy with the results. It's quite nice to play :)

  9. Nellie, you are a great photographer. Love the pics of the flowers. They are beautiful. I love fresh flowers, I usually pull them apart and arrange them in different vases. Then as they die off I change them into smaller arrangments. Like you said, it makes them last longer.

  10. Beautiful photos, and beautiful centerpiece! I love what you did!

  11. Just stopping in to say hi, really love the pictures! Happy Monday!

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