Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prizes, awards and games!

I was so excited to receive my prize in the mail this week! I just had to share it with you all!
I was fortunate enough to win one of the Cosies from Tina's and Anna's Double Lucky- Double Dip giveaway.
Both Tina from Rubies Place and Anna from Lona De Anna are the loveliest gals you will come across, not only are they encouraging with their comments they are also creative and talented if you haven't been to visit their blog please stop by and say 'Hi'.
I must confess that my Cosie was called a 'Takeaway Cosie' but I was so excited to show it off I ingeniously made it fit my mug and I think it works! Please take note of the lovely tag that came with my prize, I can't throw it away so I will have to find a home for it so I can admire Tina's creativity.

I also would like to send the very lovely Samantha from The Nest a big thank you for awarding me with the 'Sunshine Award'. I just love Samantha's blog and her creations are gorgeous. Samantha has just listed some new cushions for sale on her Etsy shop and I love them! Please stop by and have a look at her designs I am just trying to convince WH that I need another cushion cover wish me luck, Mothers Day is just around the corner!

I have covered the prize and the award and now I have the game left! I was tagged by Donatella from Donatella Style, Sonja from Tied with a Bouw and Abby from Two little Dicky Birds to post the sixth photo I ever showed on my blog. So without further ado......

I must admit I disappointed that it isn't a glamorous photo but oh well....... the photo above is from the real estate advertisement for our house. I am pleased to say that it doesn't look like that anymore! Now it looks like....

Oops, it used to look like that but now it looks like this.....

This photo makes me smile because we spent many, many, many hours in our backyard working, ripping up the deck and back filling and then paving. We are really pleased with the results but we know there is still so much left to do.

I will definitely be doing a 'two years later' post to show the progress and hopefully we will be finished by then, but are you actually ever finished? Thank you to Donna, Abby and Sonja for tagging me, if you haven't been to visit them, make sure you do, they are all the sweetest ladies and are amongst my favourite blogs to read.

I am meant to pass on the award and tag some others for the game so I will do that in my next post!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting me! xx


  1. congrats on your prize sweetie look so warm and cosy ..great photo its nice to go back a little to see how much you have accomplished. hope you had a great week so far XX

  2. Just gorgeous. Love the cosy, just what is needed on a cold Autumn day. Love the garden too, is that a hedge I can see? Mmm I do love hedges.It is so satisfying when you can see the results of all your hard work. Enjoy your weekend. Kym X

  3. Hi Nellie,
    Beautiful pictures as always!!!
    And so deserved Award for you!!!
    Enjyoy your weekend!
    :-) Li

  4. Hi Nellie,
    Your backyard looks absolutely beautiful and relaxing! And congrats on your prizes! I hope you are doing well!
    Take care.

  5. Congratulations on your award and on winning Tina's gorgeous cosy - looks fab on your mug. Your backyard has come such a long way since that 6th picture!! Looks so great with all the changes you guys have made x

  6. Congratulations on your award and good on you for winning such a great giveaway - you lucky girl! Wow, you've done a great job on your backyard, I'll bet it's even more fabulous in two years time. K xx

  7. Dear Nellie,
    Thank you for your sincere comment and supporting me. You seriously put a BIG smile on my face this morning!!!

    I love the way you perked up your back yard and can't wait to visit Rubies Place and Anna from Lona De Anna.Thanks for the wonderful post!


  8. That cosy is the cutest damn thing I ever did see! A-M xx

  9. Hi Nellie, I am so happy that you like your cozy and it looks fab on your coffee mug!! I love the before and after shots of your backyard as it really does show all of that incredibly hard work you guys put into it!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

  10. That cosy is so cute. Love it! I havent visited for a few days. You sure have been very busy. Love the flower photos.

  11. congrats on your prize, that cozy is adorable!