Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Office

My last post was about My Space and the little spot I created for me to sit and create or blog and visit all my new and wonderful friends!
Today I was going to show your my WH's space but then when I looked at the photos and thought about it a bit, I can't really say it is his space because he shares it with me.
I don't work in his office but most of the shelves, no... make that half of the shelves are filled with my things.
I have scrap booking and card making supplies in the black leather storage boxes.
Scraps of material, paint and paint brushes, pencils, charcoals, stamps, hole punches and stencils.
Boxes of photos, certificates, newspaper clippings and awards, waiting to be put into albums.
I think WH may have two or three magazine boxes for his magazines.
I have a few for mine.....
Before WH decided to start his own business and work from home, this was all part of our study and I had almost finished decorating it when we had to turn it into an office.
I was really into black and white and was really pleased with my labels and storage boxes and files.
I even covered my stool to match and labelled all of the draws.
I made a memo board using black and white ribbon.
A BIG memo board, for all of our bits and pieces, (I cleaned it up before I took the photo, so you could actually see a bit of the ribbon and the cute little pegs I added).
So when WH turned our study into his office and had to add shelves for more storage he was a good sport and agreed to use matching baskets to hide all of the messy cables and discs.
I can't show you his desk because it is never clean enough to take a photo of. Imagine two monitors at a minimum, keyboard, mouse, cables, power boards and usually two hard drives and a laptop or two sitting on top. Then all of the other stuff on the shelves underneath.
I am not complaining because all of the stuff sitting on the desk means WH has lots of work to keep him busy and that is a blessing!
Speaking of blessings we are off to New Zealand at the end of the week for a break, we will be motoring around the South Island and I would appreciate any advice on what we should see. It will be the three of us in a motor home so any tips or recommendations would be great!


  1. I want that office! I love that office! That is my dream office. I love your coordination and organisation. You are very clever and organised.

  2. Oh my gosh! How perfectly contrived. Nellie, I love the black and white - how can you go possibly go wrong. LOVE!!!

  3. I am completely in love with your labels Nellie...what a great job! As for NZ, have a wonderful time. I've only been once when I was 13 so am in no position to give advice as it was soooo long ago, but I just know it will be a fantastic trip. Such a beautiful place.

  4. Sigh. How I would love to have such an organized and pretty space to call my office!

  5. I love your study Nellie. So the black and white. Ours tends to be a dumping ground for teenagers homework and hubbys left over paperwork from when he was working from home...I think I will need to get onto some serious organising. I giggled when you mentioned the desk..glad I'm not alone on that one. Thanks for your comments today and if you have any tips on slip cover making..please let me know! So glad you are able to take some time out on your trip to NZ. Haven't been there myself so can't offer any advice but I believe it is stunning. Enjoy Kym X

  6. I love the way you have organised your office and the colour scheme, perfect for both of you. Very sweet that your husband is happy to store all his things away to keep things looking pretty and organised because it looks great.

    Have a wonderful time in New Zealand I've never been there before so I can't be any help sorry but I can't wait to hear about your holiday.xo

  7. I love the black and white look of your study-office, Nellie!

    Have a wonderful time in New Zealand!


  8. What a gorgeous space!!! I love the stool and coordinating pieces! You really did a great job! I love matching boxes and anything that screams organization. It calls to me ;) haha

  9. love the storage boxes and your office looks so neat and organized and i love the colors scheme.. LOVE IT
    have a fabulous trip i heard there is lots to do and see and its such a beautiful place so enjoy and take lots of pics for me to see :)
    P.s Thank you for your lovely comments and your advice italways means a lot and always taken.. mwah XX

  10. I want that office. I think I would get more done. Maybe? I love black and white also. Your office looks so sophisticated.

    Thank you for always leaving kind comments on my blog. I love to hear from you and enjoy your comments.

  11. It is so organized, fresh and beautiful and I am SO jealous! :)

  12. Hi Nellie!!! What a lovely office you guys have!! Congratuleations!
    And have fun on your trip to NZ!!!
    Enjoy every moment!!!

  13. What a pretty office, Love all the black and white accents! Thanks for your sweet comments on Sophie! Have a fabulous trip!

  14. Wow, what a well organised space! I'm very impressed. And as for ging to NZ for a trip, well I am very jealous! I love NZ - have a wonderful time!

  15. Love this office! Great Job!

  16. Color coordinated and completely organized!Feel free to drop in and organize all the paper flying around here.

  17. I love it Nellie, You've put so much effort into it with the labels and boxes etc and it looks fantastic! I wish my office looked that good!!!

  18. WOW Nellie!! Your husband's office is gorgeous! You have done such a beautiful job and the black and white design is just stunning!! I am so envious:) I LOVE it!!~ Tina xx

  19. Oh my goodness, talk about inspiring. My craft area is in such disarray and after seeing this amazing office space, it makes me realise I have a lot of work to do. I didn't realise how lovely a workspace could look. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Donna xx

  20. Very pretty! I have those baskets in my linen closet.. The black and white looks great..Rxx

  21. Your office looks AMAZING Nellie! I love your black and white colour scheme - everything looks so neatly arranged and tidy. Love your stool too! How exciting to have a upcoming trip to look forward to! :)

  22. oh what order in your lovely black and white office! Some good news for you too over at my place! Have a look.........KG

  23. It looks like a wonderful office space. Lots of storage. Love the black and white and the little mini clothes pins on your memory board. Lovely!

  24. You've done an amazing job with your husband has started working from home as well..trouble is he likes all wood so I am having trouble getting inspired to redo his office space as I am so white and black!
    Happy day!

  25. Oh to be that organized - a place for everything so neatly arranged and color coordinated. I love your idea.