Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I finally had a look at the Australian Anthropologie site and did a bit of window shopping. I haven't looked at what is available in the US and I have only browsed the homewares section so far but I did find a lot of lovely things. Here are some of my favourites.
Valentine in a Bottle
Spoons Soap (too pretty to use though I would just leave it on display, all wrapped up)
Mercury Candle
Letter Stands
Herb Pot
Flower Twig Pencil
Cocktail Spoons
Bottle Opener
Could always do with some more books!
I am sure I would be more interested in baking if I had these cute aprons to wear.
I won't be buying any of these things, I am going to have to be satisfied with window shopping for now (trying to save money so I can retire.....), however Mothers Day is just around the corner and those aprons are really quite practical! How about you, do you have a wish list?
I have come up with a few ideas for my first giveaway, so stay tuned as I will announce it in the next few days. I am so excited I hope you like it!


  1. Love your choices!! Really enjoyed popping by, going to follow! xo

  2. Oh!! I have been trying to resist looking at their site Nellie, but after seeing these gorgeous pics, I think I am going to have to buckle under the pressure!! Gorgeous items. Great idea for Mother's day and birthdays! Hope you have a wonderful day ~ Tina xx

  3. Hi Nellie!

    Great post! It is soooo hard to resist "the anthro"!!!!

    P.S. Thank you for stopping by my blog!


  4. I love all those finds and I have both of those books! Anthro is the best! ~lulu

  5. I love window shopping anthro too. So much inspiration to be had! Great finds.

  6. Window shopping can be great...can't wait for the give away, cheers Katherine

  7. Love all of your pics! Will have to go and check it out now...trying to resist spending right now too! Tracey xx

  8. Hi, have just come across your blog and thought I would say hello! I've just been window shopping too, the postage is a bit expensive. A shame, I just love that store. Love your picks!

  9. I love to window shop, because of all the ideas I find. Now to put them into action. I wanted to stop over and say Hello and welcome to my blog. So nice to meet you. Thank you for joining me on my wonderful journey into blogging. I am having so much fun. I see that you too are planning a giveaway, I can't wait to check it out. Have a lovely day.

  10. Oh my I love the aprons! They are so cute. I think I might cook if I had one of those. Can't wait to see what you have for your first giveaway.

  11. Isn't Anthropologie great?! If I didn't have a wish list before visiting there site, I do now!
    ☺ Celeste

  12. I haven't yet been to the one in Toronto, but did visit when I was in Miami. I found some gorgeous cups with flwers painted on and little ceramic flowers on the handles. They are my Spring tea cups. I aslo picked up a butter dish for my daughter. it was very vintage inspired and she is getting into that in her new place. I loved the pillows they had and of course the clothes.

  13. OMG!!
    I can not believe what I see!!!!!
    Great minds think alike...

    As you know I am in the middle of a kitchen renovation (or shoud I say complete re-do), and black and white are the base colors.
    Well, truthfully, my husband is the chef in our house, and as a surprise for when the kitchen is done I have bought him a black apron. (don't worry, he'll never read this, so I'm safe!).
    I figured that if I was asked to helpin the kitchen (highly unlikely), the least I could do was to look cute and pretty, so I picked up apron number 2; ruffles, polkadots and all....

    I'll let you know how it all turns out, sorry to be rambling.

    Happy weekend,
    Northen Light

  14. LOVE your choices!!!! Those spoons are DELICIOUS. I wish I could figure out a way to "recreate" them.