Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cocoa Chu Chu giveaway

I have discovered a lovely blog called Sweet as Candy. The gorgeous Frederica is having this lovely giveaway.... The creator of this gorgeous necklace is Fai from the online shop Cocoa Chu Chu. If you would like a chance to win this beautiful piece pop on over and visit Frederica at Sweet as Candy here. If you love this creation as much as I do go and check out Fai's shop here.


  1. So pretty! Heading on over :)

  2. That's gorgeous, will go check out her shop. If this is anything to go by it will be amazing! K xx

  3. What a beautiful necklace and a generous giveaway. I will pop on over to check out both blogs, thanks for the introduction to them both Nellie. Have a great Wednesday ~ Tina x

  4. Hewy Nellie Girl,
    You as alway's is way toooo! sweet and your words are heald dear to my heart. I wish we lived close by it would be so fun to create together :) and I can pick your unbelieveable talent for blogging.

    I will learn a lot from you and then I will be passing out you an award, well what award have you not received yet :) you deserve everyone you have received.

    I will be back to check in on you soon...
    Oh! an you visited me to soon I was working on my new post and I have not gotten to placeing my award from you yet on my site, I will do it after dinner, I will, I really will :)

    PS. Did I mention I love BIRDS and BLUE is a great color on us :0
    Ooop's let me wipr the drool off of it...SORRY :)


  5. Okay Nellie,
    Don't come by to tell me how carzy I was for not reading your blog very well, I did but I guess I am really tired, The giveaway is great and I will pop over there to see it, Maybe, maybe I should just stay put I may make a fool of myself over there and tell them you are having this great blue lagoon giveaway ..LOL!! :) I am dingy today!

    Well maybe I will go over there to drool a bit.

    See you soon Nellie, I am still laughing-out-loud over my typo's on your comment and my nutty self...Hey I have and idea, Nellie can you go tell them for me that we love the blue lagoon necklace, put in a good word for me, I might mess things up :)

    see you later.