Thursday, September 8, 2016

Supplier Spotlight

Rustic Wood

Ross Walker is the craftsman behind many beautiful wooden pieces sold here at M Group. Ross started his home business ‘Rustic Woodwork’ at the age of 75 after retiring from working in Pathology at the Orange Base Hospital.
He had rekindled the love for woodwork just 2 years previously, beginning with a Lathe in the back shed making bowls and candlesticks. Ross had previously worked for a Carpenter after he left school at the young age of 12 but has taught himself most of what he knows.

In the past 2 to 3 years Ross has begun making larger pieces out of different woods, creating beautifully unique one of a kind items. His favourite piece is a dining table made from Mahogany that was brought down from Darwin by his son.

The love for woodwork has been passed down to his daughter, Lyn, who is often with him in the shed helping create pieces, and his grandson, Craig, who is working on a table of his own, often asking Ross for advice.

Ross is currently teaching himself lead lighting at the age of 84. It’s this passion for continued learning and creating that shows in Ross’ work.

You can see some of Ross’ work here in our online store and in our shop front at 13 William Street, Orange NSW or contact him through his email,, for custom orders and sales.’

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