Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Lounge Dilemma

We have been contemplating buying a new lounge setting for our living room. We currently have a hand me down sofa bed in there that is really old and really uncomfortable. Well it's not actually in that room anymore. Since we got the new big TV and we have been using the living room more than the family room for TV watching we moved the lounges around and brought the lounges from the family room into the living room, I just got so sick of sitting on the wooden frame of the old lounge.... anyway we have been browsing furniture stores and testing lounges for the last few months (whenever we have had a chance). Unfortunately we are struggling to agree on a style of lounge we want. It has to be comfortable, we want to be able to sprawl all over it and watch TV so cushioned armrests are a must. We have finally agreed on a three seater and two armchairs. I would really like something like these.....
I love the white slip covered lounges, they look nice and they are comfortable and practical. The slipcovers come off, get thrown in the wash and voila, nice and clean again. I think white or off white is easier to maintain than a coloured fabric because you can soak them if they get stained and hang them out in the sunshine to dry. Colours aren't so easy, the colour fades and can look old and worn quickly.
All of the lounges and armchairs above are from Pottery Barn and unfortunately we don't have a Pottery Barn in Australia. Ikea does have a range of slip covered lounges but they have square arms and aren't as comfortable. I did find a nice set in 1825 Interiors but it seems that I will most likely not get my choice this time.
Anything I have found that is similar and is available in Australia is either very expensive and not in our budget or the size of the lounge and armchair are too big. We don't have a lot of space in our living room and if we opt for a large lounge and arm chairs we will make the room feel very crowded. W.H likes the look and style of these.....
I am not in any rush to buy these so I will see how long I can hold out.....


  1. Gorgeous couches Nellie (the white ones I mean). I love white slipcovers! We had two of the white slipcovered Ektorp couches from Ikea and I loved them. We gave them away however when our little Charlotte was born, biggest mistake I ever made (darn pregnancy hormones, what was I thinking)!! I hope that you can find some alternative that you like and that suits your lovely home. ~ Tina x

  2. Hi Nellie,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm glad I found yours as well. It's wonderful! I have a white slip covered sofa and two small boys. People always thought that I was crazy, but it's great because I can just throw it in the wash with a little bleach and it comes out as good as new. And believe me we have had some tough stains! But the cover has always come clean.
    Take care.
    Alabaster Rose Designs & 15 Bella Vie

  3. We spent ages hunting for our lounge too so I understand the difficulty you're having. Slip covers sound like a good option. I was going to suggest 'soft arm rests' but sounds like you're on that track anyway. Our family room lounges have soft arm rests which are perfect for sprawling out on and watching TV in comfort. I also love our cream lounges in our lounge room from Freedom, but with 'hard' arm rests, they don't have that comfort factor. My advice is to hang out until you find that 'perfect' setting x

  4. Love all your white couch choices! Have you considered buying one at auction and having loose covers made? I've done this in the past and it was a huge success and not as expensive as a new one. Leigh

  5. My favorit is the first one... and the last one... you cant go wrong with slip covers.. easy to wash when you have kids and if you have a party I love them

  6. 'French and English' do beautiful Italian linen preshrunk slip covered sofas. I have one in my Great Room. Half to one third the price of one custom made through a designer/decorator. The most comfortable sofa and the weave hides marks and dirt. I can't imagine having to wash mine for a while and I sit with my feet up on it every day. Beautiful quality too.... will last a lifetime. If you want photos, just email me. A-M xx

  7. Hi Nellie thanks for stopping by. Oh the couch saga. Well lets just say that I have had many couches come and go over the years. I first had the white slipcoverd couches that were from Country Road, they were beautiful all feather filled. But even though the feather was divine and soft it drove me nuts having to fluff them up all the time. I had the covers made for them and they were still going strong after 10 years. I now have two ikea ones. I purchased both from ebay and they are very comfortable. Although one is extra large as its from Ikea UK and for some reason its huge and the most comfortable thing I have ever bought. I recently bought a 2 seater Ektorp but didn't think that was as comfortable so opted for the three seater from ikea instead and I love it. I also have an ikea wing chair I purchased many years ago and thats just as comfortable. Shop around and if you find something that is really comfortable I would have slipcovers made in white denim. Depends on the maker but maybe get a price first and that way you know what your looking at. An everage couch will take around 10 metres of fabric and we have white denim here for around $10m i think. I would buy the couch second hand as I just don't buy anthing much new. Good luck and keep us posted on what you decide. Sandy

  8. Hang out for the slipcovers Nellie. We have a 4 seater sofa & 2matching single tub chairs all with white/cream slipcovers. They are 15 years old & are still in great condition. Most importantly they have withstood the rigours of 5 teenage boys, their mates, various furry friends & MOTH. I toss the covers in the washing machine twice a year on a good sunny, windy day & they come up a treat. Leigh's advice is great.
    Millie ^_^

  9. Okay I think I have the Chase and Chairs and sofa line you will die for...I have them myself and I highly reccomend them. Goose down seats and pillow backs loose or T-back like mine Slipped covered in the hot washed fabric for no future shrinkage and Wow!! designer fabric's from casual to high end non-less quality then the other. I have the Italian Matlasse in a winter white, looks like an aged white you will love the company and the outsanding quality.

    In fact they will surpass a Ashwell shabby Chic sofa, I do love hers as well though.


    Their address and you can google them for on line viewing of pieces

    11301 Hartland Street
    North Hollywood CA, 91605
    Tel. [818] 761-9090
    Fax. [818] 761-9595

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I think white slip covered sofas are gorgeous, it's so good to hear so many people think they are the best decision they ever mind.

    It sounds like the Extorp from Ikea would be perfect for you...let us know how you go!

  11. Great chairs and couches for me with exception of last photos but I know everyone else in my family would love the...Joey and Chandler chairs!:)

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I don't have any experience with slipcovers, but my sister just posted recently about hers over at The Yellow Front Door. Thought you might find it interesting!