Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday at my house

Today has been quiet

Nicholas left to go to camp this morning for 3 days and I miss him already 
It's always nice for hubby and I to have some time alone but this time I am particularly missing my big boy (must be all those extra hormones racing around)

I am sure he will have a great time away and I did offer to go as a parent helper, his response "Mum, I'd like some time on my own" Fair enough, I would just be continuously reminding him to wash his hands before he ate, make sure he had dry socks on etc..... being a typical mum :-)

There is not much new happening in our parts, I have new stock which I am slowly adding to the store and I currently have 20% off everything store wide, just use code FD20 when you checkout.

I have had people pop in to check out my goodies so I have started putting price tags on my store items to make them easily identifiable and because I can never remember how much something is when people ask.

I am also going to market in a few weeks time, so I figure pricing everything now is a good idea.

I have never been to market before so if you have any tips for me on running a stall etc I would love to hear them.

Hope you are all having a great week.



  1. Enjoy your 'adult' time Nellie. I hope you are keeping well x

  2. Good luck with the market - don't be put off by people who don't want to make eye contact or engage with you...there's plenty of other fish in the sea:)

  3. Hope your boy has a lovely camp. My daughter went on camp last week. It was certainly quiet without her. Good luck at the markets - take a chair.

  4. Looks like your shop is going well Nellie - congratulations. I missed my girl terribly when she went away to camp, but the chatter and special hugs when she returned was lovely. They seems to grow up so much in those few days.

  5. Love the styling of your house! Looks amazing